NARS · The Bronzing Collection – Part 2

Last month I treated myself to 3 products from NARS’ The Bronzing 2020 Collection that I had scored at the Sephora sale, and today’s post adds to that with several new launches. The very first bronzer I ever bought was the brand’s cult-fave Laguna and while my bronzer collection has since grown, it’s one I still reach for today … along with all its subsequent iterations, of course.

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Previously reviewed from this collection:

Bronzer Powder (CAN $50.00/each) | NARS has added to the bronzing powder lineup this year with several new shades: San Juan & Puna Cana in the regular format, with Vallarta, Samoa & Quirimba in a matte formula. Meant to give a sunkissed effect upon the skin, the regular formula is long-wearing and provides continuous hydration throughout wear while the ultra fine-milled texture is incredibly easy to blend out along the skin. The matte formula has the same long wearing and easy to blend out formula and while shimmer-free, the finish is more velvety as opposed to a traditional matte, meaning you’ll end up with a much more believable effect upon the skin. All are fragrance-free

My personal observation over the years, has been to take an “apply & wait” approach to bronzer, in particular those from NARS. Once the product melds with your skin’s natural oils & warmth, the colour tends to intensify somewhat; this way you’ll be sure to never overdo it.

As Laguna is one of NARS’ star sellers, it seemed only fitting that I pull out a few to compare the 2020 versions to (note that Paradise Found is not pictured above, but added to the swatches below). Not included in this lineup are the Laguna Multiple and Laguna Liquid Bronzer — as I opted to stick with powder comparisons only.

  • Laguna (original) – definitely deeper in tone and leans slightly cooler
  • Laguna (updated) – not only a few degrees lighter tonally, but also seems to be slightly washed out next to its siblings
  • Laguna Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer – more of a satin finish with ultra subtle shimmer, leans warmer than the rest
  • Laguna Tiaré Bronzer – the best representation of this shade, in my opinion — plus it smells DIVINE
  • Laguna Paradise Found* – the most golden of the group, thanks to its overspray; that said, I’ll be curious to see if it ends up looking more “Laguna-ish” once all the overspray is gone. By the way, this one also bears a heavenly scent.
  • Laguna 2020 – very similar tonally to the original, but still a couple of degrees lighter
  • Laguna Matte – the deepest overall

*Purchased product

A closer look at the Laguna versions from this collection shows that while both are in the same colour family, the shimmer makes the first swatch appear lighter in tone.

Since I had Casino on hand, I decided to do a comparison swatch with the 2020 version. As can be seen above, the Sun Wash Diffusing version (limited edition, no longer available) has an intricate complex shimmer to it — which I personally love, although the newer version might be easier to wear due to its more subtle shimmer.

Basically every makeup artist has a Laguna bronzer in their kit, and with good reason; this universally flattering shade looks good on practically everyone. NARS has made it a point to continuously improve on formulas, including that of this iconic shade, and now that the range includes deeper hues, these amazing powders are more inclusive than before. As to the new mattes, I may not use Vallarta in a traditional bronzer capacity but as a contour powder it’s fabulous! Gotta love versatile beauty!

Available at Sephora, online & NARS counters nationwide

Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration

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