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This Fall, NARS is introducing Velvet Matte Foundation Stick, a format that’s a first for the brand. Coming out the gate in an impressive amount of 20 shades, the colour range will definitely meet a wide variety of complexions but over & above that, is the utter portability of this product. Busy lifestyles have definitely met their … match.



I am such a total sucker for original (and versatile) press packaging — how fabulous is the little zippered case these came with? I’m already planning on re-purposing it!

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Velvet Matte Foundation Stick (CAN $55.00/each) | Up until this came along, my favourite foundation from NARS has been the Velvet Matte Skin Tint, but that’s now in danger of being bumped down to #2. With its creamy feel that dries out to a soft matte finish upon the skin but which still manages to display a subtle luminosity, the texture of each Velvet Matte Foundation Stick is one that really needs to be felt to be completely understood. Conveniently built into one end is a removable later-free sponge that is not only great for spot touch-ups, but can also be used for harder to reach areas of the face (i.e.: around the nose). Coverage can range from semi-sheer to medium and is easily layerable without worry of product moving around beneath, with no oxidation seen throughout the wearing. As if all of the aforementioned weren’t enough, these sticks can also perform double-duty as a contouring and/or bronzing product, extending their versatility even further than conventional foundation. Long-wearing, this texture is perfect for normal to combination/oily skin but there’s also enough slip in the formula that makes it suitable for drier skin types as well — I suggest testing them at the counter first to see about compatibility.

Factoring in that skin tones come with differing undertones, this foundation is available in four colour groups bearing either cool, neutral, or warm tints — making it even easier to find a shade that will truly be your exact match. Regarding application, I prefer using my fingers as the warmth of my skin helps to really fuse this product in for the most flawless finish, and the sponge is great for stippling on areas that may need a touch more coverage. That said, it should be noted that dabbing/stippling is the best way to use this sponge as I found that a swiping motion left some light streaking behind.

  • Siberia Light 1 – light with neutral balance of pink & yellow undertones
  • Mont Blanc Light 2 – light with pink undertones
  • Fiji Light 5 – light with yellow undertones
  • Ceylan Light 6 – light with yellow undertones

  • Punjab Medium 1 – medium with golden, peachy undertones
  • Vallauris Medium 1.5 – medium with pink undertones
  • Stromboli Medium 3 – medium with olive undertones

  • Syracuse Med/Dark 1 – medium dark with brown undertones
  • Cadiz Med/Dark 3 – medium dark with caramel and red undertones

  • Trinidad Dark 1 – dark with warm yellow undertones
  • Khartoum Dark 4 – dark with espresso undertones

Found my match! Look how beautifully Fiji blends out along my skin


As someone who has often struggled with finding an exact foundation colour match that also combines an easy-to-work-with texture that won’t leave my skin looking oily an hour after application, I couldn’t be happier with these Velvet Matte Foundation Sticks. Add to that how travel-friendly this format is PLUS the built in sponge (which means you don’t have to cart around extra tools), and what you’ve got here is the makings of one stellar product. NARS, you’re making it almost too easy — but thanks just the same.

Available September at all NARS counters



Media samples kindly provided, all opinions my own






4 Responses to NARS · Velvet Matte Foundation Stick

  1. Carolina says:

    Need to try this foundation as it seems good for my oily skin!

  2. JenniferQ says:

    I was thinking about trying the Hourglass foundation stick, but this one also looks so good. I’ll have to check these out when I see them instore.

  3. Kiran says:

    Is it longwearing, suitable for oilier skin types? Thank you for sharing your review x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Eugenia says:

      By virtue of the matte texture & finish, these are definitely suitable for combination/oily skin and as to the wear, I found them to be quite good without showing any sign of fading. Hope that helps!

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