NARS · Wanted Cheek Palettes I & II


When NARS introduced the Wanted Eyeshadow Palette last year (reviewed), the beauty world could not get enough, and we can now add blushes to that family — introducing Wanted I & II Cheek Palettes, filled with six pigment-rich shades (5 of which are new and limited edition in each palette). From the brand that created iconic hues such as Orgasm, Sin, and Deep Throat, something tells me that these palettes would have been better named “You’ll WANT them” instead. Yup … they’re THAT good.



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Housed in chrome casings with a nice heft to them and printed with a pixelated image on the lid (similar to that of the original Wanted Eyeshadow Palette), each also holds a full-sized mirror on the inner lid. To my eye, both palettes appear to be more warm than cool leaning, although there are definitely enough hues within either grouping that will work on a broad range of complexions.


Wanted I Cheek Palette, limited edition (CAN $74.00) | The lighter-hued of the two palettes, there’s a good selection of both pale and deep colours which basically gives you options in creating a blush hue that’s customized to your taste. Unlimited can also work double-duty as a highlighter, while Bumpy Ride looks lovely layered over any of the others, creating an almost 3-dimentional sheen this way. All display exceptional pigmentation so note that a little goes a long way; start scant and build up. Staying power (over foundation/primer) is bang on as well, without showing any significant fading throughout the wearing.

  • Unlimited – shimmering pale pink (limited edition)
  • Buzzed – matte coral (limited edition)
  • Notorious – matte lavender (limited edition)
  • Kingpin – matte rose (limited edition)
  • Bumpy Ride – shimmering candy pink
  • Crave – matte bright coral (limited edition)


Wanted II Cheek Palette, limited edition (CAN $74.00) | My eyes almost popped out of my head when I opened this up and I didn’t even care whether the colours would be too deep for me or not … JUST LOOK AT IT! Displaying the same spectacular texture and staying power as its sibling, the shades may be stronger but several can still be made to work on fairer complexions — just use either a fan-tailed or dual-fibered brush, and tread lightly … then blend, blend, blend. Personally, I find this palette much more versatile, as I can also use PYT in a highlighter capacity, while the other shades work beautifully as eye-shadows as well (my love of reddish eyeshadows is well documented, lol).

  • PYT – metallic rose (limited edition)
  • Ambition – satin tangerine (limited edition)
  • Taos – soft red with golden sheen
  • Exposed – matte dusty rose (limited edition)
  • Penthouse – matte raspberry (limited edition)
  • Queen – matte ruby (limited edition)




Just when I think that NARS couldn’t improve on their blush range, they come out with these treasures. And before you groan at the price, consider that a single NARS blush retails for CAN $38.00 and while it’s true that the individual blushes are slightly larger in size (0.16 oz vs 0.13 oz), you’re still getting major bang for your buck with either of these palettes. And that’s not even factoring in the shade selection or quality, both of which are STELLAR. Bottom line: each Wanted palette is limited edition, so mark your calendars & grab ’em while you can!

Available March 30, April 6 – Sephora, The Bay & Nordstrom, July 1 – Murale & Shopper’s Drug Mart


Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration

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