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NARS Audacious Mascara opener

Following the huge success of the Audacious Lipsticks (Raquel reviewed here), NARS is expanding on this range with the upcoming release of Black Moon Audacious Mascara (CAN $34.00 available August 1 exclusively at Sephora, September 1st at all other NARS retailers) for Fall 2015.

What makes this mascara stand out from the herd, is the exclusive “lash-catching” brush head with its over 200 molded bristles & lengthening hooks that are meant to evenly grip and coat each lash from root to tip, simultaneously ‘separating, lengthening, and amplifying with every stroke‘, while the tapered tip makes reaching the lower lashes as well as the inner/outer corners, effortlessly easy. The unprecedented fluid ‘first-to-market‘ satin finish formula, combines the balance of flexibility and suppleness with iron-clad staying power, making it buildable (which also allows for reapplication during the day, if needed or desired) as well as enriched with humectants and conditioners to help keep your lashes plush to the touch with a silky finish — all without any smudging, clumping, or flaking. Considering all that it gives your lashes, Black Moon Audacious Mascara is surprisingly lightweight and never feels heavy, stiff, or crunchy (is there anything worse than crunchy lashes?), and is easily removed at the end of the day without any major effort required. Sounds too good to be true? Fear not … this is what mascara fiends like myself dream of.


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NARS | Audacious Mascara

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NARS | Audacious Mascara

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NARS | Audacious Mascara

NARS Audacious Mascara 2

Black Moon Audacious Mascara | A rich ebony shade in a formula that leans more to the wet side with the first 2-3 uses, but then becomes slightly more dense after that (every time you open your mascara tube and allow oxygen to enter, the density of the formula starts to change and thicken), although it still displays an excellent fluidity, applying smoothly and evenly. The scent is so light as to be almost undetectable – major points scored for that, while the sphincter guard at the tube’s opening ensures you don’t wind up with tons of excess that then needs wiping off = less waste. Points scored, again.

Usually it takes me about 5-6 uses before I can proclaim myself on a mascara, but here’s an ommorphia first: Black Moon Audacious Mascara is phenomenal from the get-go. If anything, it gets even better with each subsequent use. I also have specific criteria for a mascara to pass muster: I want a deep black hue (unless I’m wearing a coloured mascara. Duh, right?) that won’t flake, smudge, leave those dreaded half-moon shadows under the eyes, lasts all day but can be removed easily at day’s end – without having to tug half my lashes out in the process. Score high points once again to this mascara for meeting every single criteria listed. Clumping is not an issue with me, especially if I can comb through any clumps before the product sets, and for those with thin and/or sparse lashes, a little clumping can give the illusion of a denser fringe, or even one of the more editorial lash looks as seen on all the recent fashion runways.

From the first application I get enough length and volume that I can easily stop there, and my lashes look ‘done’; a second coat amplifies all that to the next level of lash lushness. The brush head is long but not overly wide, making it easy to reach the tiny lashes at the inner corners, as well as the lower lashes – all without fear of either jabbing the head into your eyes or accidentally smearing product on the skin. I always start by curling my lashes (I alternate between the Shu Uemura and CHANEL lash curlers) and prefer to work on one eye at a time, upper lashes first then lower – and always 2 coats. Before the first coat is allowed to fully dry, I go in with my second coat – this makes it easier to remove any excess and properly separate the lashes, before the mascara sets. For lower lashes, I usually start at the inner corners (applying the lightest pressure) and work my way outwards, holding the wand vertically for more application control. Tip: after the first run on the lower lash line and before going in with a second coat, I like to work the brush under the lashes (in particular the outer corners) – this method not only gives a bit more fullness, but a better and more complete coverage as well.

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NARS | Audacious Mascara in Black Moon

NARS Audacious Mascara macro


NARS Audacious Mascara swatches

NARS | Black Moon Audacious Mascara swatches: bare lashes, 1 & 2 coats


For many years, my mascara holy grail has been Le Volume de CHANEL, and while I still love that one for the incredible volume it gives my lashes, I’ve always had an issue with how quickly the formula seems to dry in the tube. NARS Black Moon Audacious Mascara is EVERYTHING. In fact, I’ve been using this daily since receiving it and at this rate, I’m sure to finish the tube before the official store launch – that would be yet another first. To summarize: this is the mascara you’ve been looking for. The one mascara to rule them all.

Available August 1st exclusively at Sephora and, September 1st all other NARS counters. Find more information on the brand via

NARS Audacious Mascara closer


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2 Responses to NARS | Black Moon Audacious Mascara

  1. Latoya says:

    I’ve always meant to try Le Volume de Chanel but just haven’t gotten around to it. Are you saying that I should just go straight for the NARS instead? I’m much more often at Sephora than the Chanel counter here….could be an easy buy for me 😉

    • Eugenia says:

      Here’s the thing: I personally have yet to come across a mascara that gives such a lush volumizing effect as that of the CHANEL, but I’m not a fan with how quickly the product seems to dry up in the tube. It’s not at the deal-breaker stage, but worth noting. This new NARS – while not offering the same volume at first pass – is a dream to work with; you get immediate length, volume by the second coat, no fading, creasing or clumping, and the tube doesn’t appear to get gunky either. So yeah, totally worth you checking out, my friend!

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