NARS x Erdem · Strange Flowers Collection, Part 3


The final chapter of the NARS x Erdem Strange Flowers Collection, draws your attention to the six lipsticks. Once again, looks can be deceiving because with a couple of exceptions, what you see here is nowhere near what you’d expect. Then again, as this stems from the creative and often eccentric mind of François Nars, maybe it’s not that surprising after all.



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NARS x Erdem Lipstick (CAN $35.00/each) | One thing that I possibly haven’t mentioned in my earlier reviews of this collection, is the fact that even the exterior packaging has been paid attention to, with each box liner bearing a lovely floral pattern designed by Erdem. In line with the rest of the pieces, even the brand’s usual soft-touch lipstick cases here are transformed via a dove-grey hue and gold Erdem lettering silkscreened along the side. But here’s where the surprises begin: with the actual colours of the lipsticks. I confess that at first glance, I dismissed them as nothing extraordinary and I may have even judged the deeper tones a bit harshly (it’s supposed to be a Summer collection, after all), but that was all before I actually began swatching. What appears to be opaque and in several cases rather exotic-looking colour in the tube, turned out to be surprisingly wearable … as well as much sheerer than expected, all quite welcome I might add.

With a mix of sheer and intense finishes to go with the barely-there neutrals & bold hues, the formula of each is creamy and incredibly comfortable to wear. Regarding staying power, that obviously varies: the deeper tones will last longer and then fade to a light stain. You can also layers the lipsticks to create other unique combos (I layered Moon Orchid over Wild Flower which made a stunning mauve). Of the 6, the only one that required a bit more work, was Wild Flower; as my lips are quite lined, the colour seemed to not lay down as evenly as I liked, but thankfully it does appear to settle in much better with the wearing.

  • Voodoo Lily – sheer muted lavender
  • Moon Orchid – sheer light pink
  • Larkspur – sheer orchid
  • Carnal Carnation – sheer raspberry red
  • Bloodflower – bright cheery red (opaque)
  • Wild Flower – deep plum purple (semi-opaque)



I was reading online recently a proclamation that “lipstick was back!” which actually made me laugh because as far as I know, lipstick NEVER left. And speaking of lipstick, NARS definitely knows his way around creating a wonderful product — in this case, he took it a few steps further by prettying up the outside and throwing a few curveballs our way via the surprising finishes. All in all, a truly outstanding collection that really deserves your time to investigate … oh, and both Voodoo Lily & Moon Orchid are musts for neutral-lovers #backupworthy.

Available May 3 at Sephora, The Bay & Nordstrom, July 1 at Murale & beautyBOUTIQUE



Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration

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