New beauty: Dior Backstage Glow Face Palettes

Launched late 2020, Dior added to the Backstage family with two new highlighting palettes: 004 Rose Gold and 005 Copper Gold (CAN $55.00/each). Consisting of 4 hues that can be combined (or not) for a spectacular glow, there’s only one major downside: both shades are limited edition, which begs the question: why, Dior? *cue the tears …

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First created in 2018 with the release of the Backstage range (reviewed here), these highlighting palettes became an instant hit, mainly because A) they each came with 4 oversized and complimentary shades, B) the texture and application of each powder is absolutely stellar, and C) the embossed Dior Oblique pattern is just gorgeous. Honorary mention also goes to how well priced they are. With their simple packaging and transparent casings, each is customizable to suit your preferences, while the ultra fine powder contains no glittery mess to deal with, yielding a gorgeously luminous glow when applied. Staying power — especially when worn over foundation/primer, is excellent as well and they only seem to get better as they meld with your skin’s warmth and natural oils.

004 Rose Gold | Targeted for those with cooler complexions, this quad can still be made to work on warmer skin tones by incorporating more of the golden shade (bottom right). Another benefit to this selection is the brightening effect imparted by the pink hue.

005 Copper Gold | Definitely the warmer leaning of the two, all four shades display excellent pigmentation, something I was not expecting from a highlighting product. Those with cooler skin tones can still make this palette work for them by sticking to the top two lightest hues and going in with a lighter hand. But seriously, how stunning is this quad?

I pulled out the original 001 palette to compare as I initially thought it was close to 004 Rose Gold, but as can be clearly seen in the swatches below, they’re nothing alike.

While I don’t usually review products that may not be readily available, I still wanted to show these palettes in the event you do come across them. If there’s one thing Dior has perfected, it’s definitely their highlighting formula and each Backstage palette gives major bang for your buck. So if you’re in the market for absolutely amazing highlighters or want to start building a ‘highlighter library‘ (it’s a thing, really), then I can’t recommend these enough. I’m still not happy about the limited edition part, however.

Available at Dior counters and online

Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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