New from Stila for Spring 2019

I was recently invited to preview Stila’s Spring 2019 releases, where I also had the opportunity to personally try out the products. After being pleasantly surprised by what I saw and tested out, I was left asking myself how it was that I hadn’t explored this brand in closer detail? Let’s just say that Stila is most definitely on my radar now.

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Soufflé Lingerie Sheer Illumination Primer (CAN $47.00) | There are 2 new innovative primers in this range, both suitable for all skin tones. The gel-whipped formula feels slightly cooling upon application — most likely due to the fact that it’s made with over 70% water coupled with natural botanicals. The “gellifying ingredients” ensure that unlike traditional primers, this one has a non-tacky feel which allows for a smooth application, while light-refracting pearls provide a natural-looking glow and slight blurring effect. Best applied by either patting onto the skin with a flat paddle-brush or fingertips, this can be worn under foundation as a traditional primer, or applied on top of foundation during the day to help “refresh” the complexion.

Soufflé Lingerie Sun-Kissed Primer (CAN $47.00) | Created to provide more of a bronze glow to the skin, this primer can be worn on bare skin — either all over to warm up the complexion, strategically along the perimeter of the face in a contouring capacity, or along the cheeks & high points for a sun-kissed glow. Another neat trick is to apply this thinned out all over your face, then add a sheer-ish layer of foundation on top; this “naturally” deepens your skin tone without having to use a ton of other products needed to achieve the same effect. Lastly, you can also wear this primer as a more traditional cream bronzer over foundation for a realistic glow to the skin. Best part? It’s easy to blend out and doesn’t oxidize.

Soufflé Lingerie Skin Perfecting Color Shade 2.0 (CAN $49.00) | Created to work synergistically with either of the new primers, this foundation comes in 8 shades that range from fair to deep. The glass container is nothing short of display-worthy and differentiated by the primers via a gold coloured cap (as opposed to rose gold). Bearing the same airy texture as the primers, the foundation contains a unique blend of advanced pigments and light-refracting particles to provide a smooth application, giving skin a even-toned appearance. With an incredibly comfortable feel that never comes off as heavy, there is no oxidation seen with wear and in fact, I’d even go so far as to say my skin looked just as good at the end of the day as from the beginning of application.

At the event, I was actually matched to Shade 1.0 which was a bang-on match with my skin tone, but as it wasn’t in stock I was given Shade 2.0 — this turned out to be a better option as I’ll be getting more mileage out of this hue now that the weather is warming up and my face has begun taking on a bit of colour.

In The Buff Powder Spray in Medium/Deep (CAN $39.00) | Ok, now THIS is really cool: a loose setting face powder in spray form. Confused? I was at first too … until I saw it in action. In a nutshell, this is loose powder that you spray onto a brush (or the back of your hand) and then apply to the face. Easy-peasy. Available in 2 shades + one which imparts a translucent yet subtle glow (Illuminating, Light/Medium & Medium/Deep), this micro-fine powder is enriched with silica for oil-absorbing properties, helping to keep skin mattified without appearing dry. The silky & airy texture of the powder is spun fine enough to provide skin with an even-toned appearance while also adding a slight blurring effect.

There is a bit of a learning curve in using this powder, and I do suggest playing around with the dispensing mechanism to become comfortable with how it’s expelled as well as how much you’ll need for application. As with the foundation, I was provided with the deepest shade from the preview event and while in concentrated form it’s definitely quite dark for my skin tone, by using a dual-fibred brush I can still wear it as a light dusting to set my bronzer. I’m also thinking it’ll be perfect come the summertime when my skin is more tanned.

Little White Lies Heavenly Highlighting Palette (CAN $59.00) | This limited edition palette holds 3 white highlighters that each contain a different undertones: pink, gold, and blue. The cream/powder texture is unique as well, feeling bouncy to the touch and even slightly cooling upon the skin with initial application. The translucent base allows the pearlescent shimmers & micro-fine glitters to show up as a “glistening effect” upon the skin — absolutely gorgeous and totally ethereal. The gossamer light formula means it’s non-tacky and completely weightless in feel and while you can definitely wear each shade solo, you also have the option of layering them over blush for even more impact. Note that this does leave ultra fine glitter particles along the skin and while visible, they somehow manage to look ethereal just the same.

Trying to get close-up shots of these highlighters is almost impossible; they really need to be seen in person to fully appreciate their incredible lustre.

Incandescence Heaven’s Hue Highlighter (CAN $42.00) | Technically this was released Fall 2018, but as I hadn’t experimented with it until I began writing this post, I’ve included it here. Available in 4 shades (by the way, I now plan on checking out the other 3) this is a “radiance-enhancing” highlighter with a gossamer light texture that appears to melt into the skin for a weightless feel, providing a luminous glow. The beauty of this particular shade is that it can even double as a glowy blush — and I suspect it will look stunning against a light tan as well.

Rockin’ Rose Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow (CAN $31.00) | With several shades to choose from, this is described as liquid but it’s definitely more cream-like in my opinion. The mauve/pink base contains silver glitter of the flat laying variety with no chunky feel, and you can either apply a few coats (on its own or over a similarly toned powder eyeshadow) for a more opaque look, or sheer it out for more of a glimmering wash of colour. As to application, you can always dab it on with the flocked applicator but you may run the risk of moving your eye shadow underneath; I prefer using my finger to pat it on the lid, or layered up by using a flat synthetic brush for a stronger effect. Staying power (both over primer and without) is phenomenal, staying the course without creasing. Interestingly enough, the glitter didn’t spread upon removal but somehow stayed contained — now THAT’s a neat trick.

As I said at the top, Stila has managed to escape my radar until now, but I’m always game to include new brands into my lineup — especially when they offer up excellent performance and/or unique properties. Primers are not usually my thing, but I’ve been impressed enough with both of these to continue playing with them. Foundation is another tough one for many and while I’m still loving the customized Lancôme shade I created (reviewed here), the texture of this one blends seamlessly into the skin and has a wonderful feel/wear, which in turn checks off quite a few boxes for me. As to the highlighting palette, it’s gorgeous with an excellent value and definitely worth picking up. Summer is coming … time to glow!

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