New Givenchy for Fall 2020

For Fall 2020, Givenchy is going all out and launching so many interesting pieces — from the new Le 9 de Givenchy palettes, additions to the cult-fave Prisme Libre range, a unique twist to the Perfecto Balm, and even a fresh new fragrance in the Irresistible family. So without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

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Le 9 de Givenchy (CAN $82.00/each) | Inspired by the tones seen on the brand’s runway shows, the palettes are housed in the signature black lacquered casing with the 4G logo in silver, as well as a full size mirror on the inner lid. Each palette holds 9 shades that range in finishes from matte, sating, glittery & metallic, and come with 2 mini brushes that can be fitted together and thus so much easier to actually use (genius!). All hues are strongly pigmented and display a smooth texture that’s super easy to blend out. Interestingly enough, the glittery and metallic shades didn’t have much fall down to speak of, which is a really nice surprise. Staying power over primer, is absolutely stellar.

*Note that there are 5 palette in total (9.03 not shown)

9.01 |Each palette bears a signature colour, and the deep marsala wine shade is the star here. Bearing a nice mix of cool and warm tones, this is not only the most neutral-looking palette of the bunch, but also seems a perfect grouping to transition between seasons. Both the silvery and pearly shimmers can even double as highlighters in a pinch, so yay for versatility!

9.02 |Is anyone surprised that the star colour of this palette is that stunning emerald green? I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT! And while the shades here all lean warm, there are still ways that those with cooler complexions can make them work; either opt for washes of colour (think: watercolour effect), or go in bold and layer them strongly for impact. It’s only makeup, for God’s sake … have fun with it!

9.04 |If this palette isn’t absolutely the dreamiest, I don’t know what is. If you haven’t already guessed, the signature colour here is that intense violet but before you say it’s not an easy shade to wear, take a good look at the swatch below; see how toned down and wearable it is once applied? Most of the shades here lean slightly more cool, making this palette an excellent choice for fairer complexions (but not limited to only those skin tones, by any means). I’m not sure why, but this palette makes me think of a fairy garden — or maybe that’s just me.

9.05 |When I opened this palette up, I swear my mouth dropped open in awe … exactly like you see in cartoons. Be still my beating heart! And I dare you to tell me that these shades aren’t the very epitome of Fall; it’s like the changing leaf colours are all here. Interestingly enough, the star of this group is the pearly white — but then again, it IS the one that stands out from the rest, no? All I can say is that I adore every.single.hue. As in, LOVE. The fact that they all apply so beautifully is just the icing on the cake.

40 Purple Ride Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm (CAN $44.00) |So how do you improve on a cult-fave product such as Rose Perfecto Balm? You introduce a liquid version, that’s how. Housed in a tall cylindrical tube and capped with signature rose leather along with the Givenchy silver square stud, it comes with a rounded flocked applicator. The formula has been boosted with skincare ingredients such as shea butter, plumping cranberry oil, and even hyaluronic acid spheres. It also contains pink peppercorn (for protective properties) and menthol — known to stimulate micro-circulation and provide that tingling sensation. The texture is in a word: CREAMY. As in, butter … or butter slathered over velvet. The shade I was sent to try gave me pause, as a strong purple is not something I’d ever want to reach for, so imagine my surprise when I tried it on and saw the result; it’s like the softest and most delicate lavender but which also happens to be extremely flattering. The best part though, is how thoroughly hydrated my lips feel throughout wear, and even long after the colour has faded off.

Prisme Libre (CAN $72.00/each) |With 6 brand new shades in the lineup, the Prisme Libre powders are happily now more inclusive than ever before. Originally launched in 2006, the idea behind this powder’s creation is best explained by Nicolas Degennes, the brand’s Makeup and Colour Artistic Director: “the skin on the face is never all one colour. You have to mix and blend three or four shades to recreate its natural radiance”. That said, actually trying to describe the effect of this powder along the skin is an exercise in frustration, as it’s one of those products that has to be tried to be fully understood. Each comes with 4 complimentary shades that also have subtle colour-correcting properties. Dispensed via a perforated 4G emblem, the texture of the powder is incredibly fine-milled so that it almost “melts away” into the skin once applied and blended out. The puff that’s included is actually great for buffing the product into the skin, although I prefer to go in with a brush first and then see if I need to buff. In case you’re wondering, the easiest (and best) way to use this, is by upending the container and shaking out some product into the cap.

02 Satin Blanc|Targeted towards fair skin, the four ‘nude’ shades here help with neutralizing even the slightest grey tinge your skin might have, and thus help to bring back brightness. My skin right now has a light summer tan so applying this powder before blending looked somewhat scary, but I was really impressed with how easily it blended out just the same. That said, I feel that these shades will be perfect for me once my tan fades.

05 Popeline Mimosa |Geared towards medium to dark complexions, there are 4 ochre and orange-y shades to help detract from dark shadows and any purple-y cast to the skin. All I know, is that this is the first powder of its kind that works perfectly with my skin when it’s tanned, as in the past I’ve had to resort to using a bronzing powder which is heavier and can never provide the subtle effect that Prisme Libre offers.

Irresistible Givenchy, Eau de Parfum (CAN $141.00/80 ml) |Housed in a prism bottle — a reinterpretation of one of the brand’s hallmarks, it bears a textured pink ribbon wrapped around the neck, while the cap is embossed with the iconic 4G logo. The pink juice hints at its nature; feminine, fresh, flirty, and fun (the 4F’s to go with the 4G’s, perhaps?!). Crafted by master perfumers Fanny Bal, Dominique Ropion, and Anne Flipo, this has been created to be an uplifting fragrance, inviting the wearer to “let go” (something we can all use right now). The notes, according to the brand:

“This uplifting rose is sparkling. It begins with fruity, juicy and crisp tones of pear and ambrette, and then pulsates with a powdery iris transcending through it. This rose and blond wood dance lends a measured tension before coming together deliciously with an easily set off musk. The new invigorating IRRESISTIBLE GIVENCHY is a bold invitation to let go”

I tread very carefully when it comes to scent, as certain notes can trigger an immediate and painful migraine. Thankfully, that’s not the case here and I believe it may be because this is in the floral-woody family — and not a full on floral (many of which I can’t wear). At first spritz, it opens up with a vibrant pear cocktail and within minutes begins to morph into something cozy & warm. I really appreciate how all the key notes play so well together without one trying to overpower another … just smoothly merging along until you get to the soft-skin dry down. So, so lovely.

Considering the times we’re all living in, I have to say that makeup & beauty/fragrance is keeping me sane right now — and to that end, Givenchy made this girl very, very happy with this selection. Everything exceeded my expectations performance-wise, and even this fragrance was a lovely surprise. All in all, I say that this package was a wonderful welcome to Autumn (but I still love Summer way better).

Available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew Ogilvy (makeup)

Sephora, Holt Renfrew Ogilvy, The Bay, Shopper’s Drug Mart (fragrance)

Kindly provided by Givenchy for my unbiased consideration

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