New Guerlain Aqua Allegoria 2020 · Orange Soleia & Granada Salvia

New for 2020, Guerlain has recently expanded the Aqua Allegoria fragrance story with Orange Soleia and Granada Salvia – both fresh & lovely scents to help offset the sultry summer heat. The range was born in 1999 and each year gets added to by master perfumer Thierry Wasser, who always manages to create playful and unexpected fusions with each fragrance that feature one key note. I can tell you this: I’ve complete fallen for one — can you guess which?

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I’ve mentioned often enough that in general I’m not a fan of press mailers — mainly because of the excess packaging usually involved, but I have to give it to Guerlain for not only creating beautiful products, but in sending them along in such an eco-conscious way. The box that these two fragrances arrived in contained lovely living plants, all of which I’ve since composted, and even though I could have kept the box for storage, I opted to have it recycled. So yeah, well done, Guerlain.

In a pared-down homage to the brand’s iconic Bee Bottle, each Aqua Allegoria bottle comes with the honeycomb mesh draped on its ‘shoulders’ along with the bee etched on the cap.

“I am an explorer perfumer, I love to broaden my horizons. My garden of raw materials is the world and it is a playground without limits” — Thierry Wasser

Orange Soleia Eau de Toilette (CAN $92.00/75 ml) | According to the brand:

“The extraordinary garden … vast expanses of Sicilian citrus groves, laughter in the sunshine, picking and tasting a juicy orange in the shade as the trees sway in the breeze. The fragrant statement … sparkling sunshine and cheer meet as the zest-filled energy of blood orange combines with the energizing power of mint. The sensory experience … on a backdrop of wooded notes and Tonka Bean, the beauty of a hearty blood orange is cut through with the freshness of mint, pink peppercorns and bergamot”

How yummy does that sound? I couldn’t have described this fragrance better myself and not since Coconut Fizz (which I’m still obsessed with) has an Aqua Allegoria captured me so completely. Personally, this may just be THE best citrus scent I’ve ever worn, as it never turns acrid and sour. The mint adds that perfect balancing touch while the wooded notes ground it beautifully as well. Staying power on me is actually quite good, considering that it’s an EDT, drying down to a softer version of itself.

Granada Salvia Eau de Toilette (CAN $92.00/75 ml) | According to the brand:

“The extraordinary garden … a run through a warm Andalusian garden to share in the exquisite crunchy taste of a pomegranate. The fragrant statement … the essence of this deep jewel-like red fruit is elevated and refined with notes of sage (salvia in Italian). The sensory experience …
a delicious blend of pomegranate with aquatic, green acidic accents and red fruit. All carried by the crisp freshness of blackcurrant, cypress, lemon and bergamot and elegantly swirled with sage and rose with notes of white musks, moss and patchouli”

This scent definitely leans fruity-floral but also manages to strike a great balance between tart & sweet without ever coming off as either too cloying or juvenile. The sage (salvia) adds a grounding mellow touch with its “greenness”, helping to keep it all fresh & upbeat. Staying power on this one is quite good as well, and fades off with a slight powderiness at the finish.

My little Aqua Allegoria collection is growing. While not all are faves, I so love the way they look together that I can’t bear to part with any.

Orange Soleia, or the answer to which of the two new fragrances is my current love. Interestingly enough, Granada Salvia turned out to be different than what I expected — in a good way, I might add and for someone who avoids both fruity and floral, I’m glad that this is one I can definitely wear. But in the end, it’s all about Orange Soleia for me aka: the most perfect citrus fragrance.

Available at Guerlain counters nationwide

Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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