New! Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks Stunning Gems Collection

Inspired by the art of fine jewelry making, Guerlain’s new Stunning Gems Collection has created an entirely new genre in the beauty industry, fusing makeup & jewelry in one. Of course, the incredible formula of each lipstick only adds to the equation but in truth, who wouldn’t want to take every opportunity to whip one of these babies out in public?

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I’ve made it clear that over-the-top PR mailers are not my cup of tea, but I have to give it to Guerlain for their commitment to Beauty & Eco Responsibility. The case that these lipsticks arrived in has been designed sustainably using recycled wood pallets & solvent free paint, while the included lipstick cases are made of cotton velvet. The best part, however, is that once the foam wedges inside are removed, the case can then be transformed into a jewelry box — or basically any kind of catch-all I choose, for that matter. Well done, Guerlain.

The Rouge G lipsticks are truly customizable, in the sense that you can select the shade & finish you prefer, then follow that up by choosing the case as well. Clearly inspired by precious stones, the Stunning Gems Collection has been designed in step with the work of famed Place Vendôme jeweller Lorenz Bäumer (who helped create the original Rouge G cases with their flip-up mirror). The collection includes 4 faceted cases and 4 bejewelled cases, the latter which are bedecked with 1000 individual stones.

  • Amethyst Emotion (CAN $42.00) – rich Byzantium amethyst purple, symbolizing abundance, calm, and relaxation
  • Quartz Illusion (CAN $42.00) – soft quartz pink, symbolizing positive energy and kindness

  • Emerald Wish (CAN $24.00) – heavenly emerald green, symbolizing spring, renewal and hope
  • Ruby Passion (CAN $24.00) – an intense ruby red that echoes the love & passion evoked by India’s “Queen of Jewels” (and it’s also my birthstone!)

A closer look at the unique feature of the Rouge G case; to open, you place your thumb on the “G” closure and slide the lipstick out. This action enables the mirror to pop open — perfect for those not-so-inconspicuous touch ups!

N° 00 Balm (CAN $40.00) | This 2-in-1 product has been created to be used either alone or as a boost primer under lipstick. The formula is said to increase hydration levels by 27% and provides continuous moisture for at least 6 hours of wear. Considering that this is a balm, it definitely leans on the pricey side of the scale but as someone who is always looking for a product that will thoroughly soothe & moisturize my lips and after having tested this out for some time now and both seen & felt the results, I have to say that it definitely justifies its price point.

Rouge G Sheer Shine Lipstick (CAN $40.00/each) | The faceted bullet of each lipstick is not just for looks (which is gorgeous enough); it has been specifically created to “seal in” the formula and makes for an effortless application along all of the lips’ contours. The formula contains hyaluronic acid spheres for continuous hydration, multi-faceted diamond powder to reflect light and add a subtle soft-focus blurring effect, Guggul Oil to “firm, plump and stimulate collagen. Made from the resin of the Guggul tree, this property-rich oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for 3000 years“. And finally, reflective pigments for a luminous, sheer slick of colour.

I was sent three shades in this formula (but note that Rouge G lipsticks are also available in other finishes, included satin and matte) and I have to say that I really love the way all three look and feel. I was initially surprised by the sheerness level as they definitely appear more colour saturated in the tube, but they can all be built up to a certain degree (the Magenta shade was the easiest to deepen). The texture is ahhhhh-maaazzing (said in my best Oprah voice), and I really like that my lips feel hydrated long after the colour is gone. Speaking of, as these all have slip, staying power is average but I’m good with that because it gives me all the more reason to pull out one of these cases for reapplication. All have the brand’s signature floral/vanilla fragrance, but which dissipates quickly after application — something to note if you have sensitivities.

To be fully transparent, it’s rather difficult right now to review lipstick as we’re all in mask-wearing mode and so it does seem rather superfluous. That said, I recently started wearing lipstick more often when I’m home (which is basically all the time) because I realized that this small act really boosted my mood and let’s face it; we’re not going to be in a pandemic forever. I was also pleasantly surprised by how effective the Balm is and that’s something that everyone can use. So here’s my thought: if you’re going to buy lipstick, then you should definitely treat yourself to one of these little works of art … you deserve it.

Available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew Ogilvy, The Bay & online

Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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