New! Make Up For Ever Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Stick

MAKE UP FOR EVER recently launched several new products, but the one that truly caught my eye (lol) were these Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Sticks. Considering that we’re all wearing masks out in public now (I know I am, and I actually don’t mind looking like a superhero and/or villain – take your pick), the eyes are truly the focus. Plus with the sweltering heat we’ve been having, something that claims to be budge-proof is definitely ok by me.



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Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Stick (CAN $30.00/each) | These are vegan 3-in-one products that serve as shadow, liner, as well as kohl sticks. Said to provide 24-hour wear, they are also transfer-proof, water & sweat proof, as well as smudge & budge proof AND made with intense pigments. There is only one matte in the bunch (01 Carbon) while the rest all have an ultra fine complex shimmer that’s neither chunky nor gritty, but lays down smoothly instead. The texture on all is buttery smooth and they are literally stupid-proof to apply; if you can use a crayon, you can definitely use these. As well, all come with a built in sharpener at one end so you can keep the tip as pointy as you prefer. As far as staying power goes, I haven’t put them to the sweat/water proof test yet — but when I was swatching everything then rubbed my finger along the shades a few minutes later, nothing moved. Like ZERO. That said, I strongly suggest you work one eye at a time, especially if planning on smudging or blending out, as once they set, they’re not going anywhere. 



Thanks to the current pandemic, the makeup-wearing landscape has definitely shifted and the focus is now primarily on eyes. Add to that the incredibly hot & humid summer we’ve been having here in Montréal, and on the days where I actually bother to wear makeup, more often than not it’s liner & mascara so I want my products to be A) fuss-free and B) long wearing. These new Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Sticks — ridiculously long name aside — meet both criteria, as the colours are not only lovely and totally wearable, but you can literally swipe them on, then use your finger to blend out … and never have to think about whether they’re still looking good at the end of the day (they do, by the way). I call that a win-win-win.

Available at Sephora, MAKE UP FOR EVER and The Bay





Kindly provided by MAKE UP FOR EVER for my unbiased consideration

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