New! ‘No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner’ (trial & review)


No Bleeding Lips. No, it’s not something for your upcoming Halloween look or theatrical makeup use, but possibly one of the most brilliant cosmetics inventions to come along since, well … EVER. I admit that when I first heard of this product, there may have been some incidental eye-rolling at what it claimed to do – which I take all back now. Finally, I don’t have to fear all those red and/or vampy lipsticks I’ve been hoarding; bring them on – my lips are so ready!

simple, to the point packaging

full ingredients list on the box

No Bleeding Lips

No Bleeding Lips


‘No Bleeding Lips’ – is a wax-based pencil designed to be worn just outside your natural lip line and prior to any lipstick application, which will then help prevent any colour migration, feathering or bleeding into the surrounding skin. The texture is soft and literally glides along the skin, leaving an almost invisible layer of wax in its path. I detected absolutely no scent, and according to the company, the formula is:

“dermatologically approved, waterproof, long-lasting (5 hours and more), non-feathering, non-transferable, and smudge-proof. It is also free of preservatives, mineral oil, paraffin, and animal-derived ingredients”

Deciding to pull out the big guns for my testing, I enlisted CHANEL’s Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in #38 La Fascinante – a highly pigment-rich and long-wearing deep red hue. In order to really see this product’s effectiveness, I omitted a matching liner and began with a layer of ‘No Bleeding Lips’ along the outer perimeter of my lips, then proceeded to apply – blot – and reapply my chosen shade (fig. 1). Imagine my totally delighted shock when 10 hours later – and with the exception of some slight wear at the center, my lipstick looked almost exactly the same as when it was first applied (fig. 2). That’s 10 HOURS LATER, my beauties!

macro view of the actual pencil

instructional insert

fig. 1 – trial using CHANEL’s Rouge Allure Velvet in ‘La Fascinante’

fig. 2 – results 10 hours later: no bleeding!

pencil after 4 uses


Final thoughts: Wearing lipstick has its downside, namely its ability to not want to stay in place, but rather move outside the lines – picture a toddler with a crayon & colouring book, and you’ll get the idea. ‘No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner’ is a lipstick saviour; clear & lightweight, it still manages to keep any lipstick you wear in place with an iron grip – truly impressive. The product itself applies quite softly; you don’t need to apply multiple layers in order for it to be effective, so resist the urge to line over and over again. I do wish that the pencil was in a retractible format as I feel it would protect the product better, but that’s a minor glitch, in my opinion. The 2nd best part? (the first being its effectiveness) This beauty miracle worker is only CAD $14.99! A total steal and a product I’m already planning to stockpile … I’m not kidding!

Launched this month and available exclusively in Canada through all Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores, feel free to also check the company’s website at or follow on twitter for all their latest updates.




*Disclaimer: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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