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It’s no secret that I’ve been a huge fan of this brand for years; just type “Guerlain” in my blog’s search bar and see what comes up (hint: a LOT). So when this absolutely lovely package containing Guerlain’s latest skincare launch arrived, I was super excited — primarily for the products, naturally … but the accessories really sweetened the deal. By the way, as this is a skincare review you should note that I’ve gone into quite some detail, so grab a cup of coffee/tea, sit back & enjoy!





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Guerlain pays attention: they were one of the first luxury brands to scale down their press mailers and assume a more ecologically-conscious approach (thank you for that), from reducing product packaging, using more recycled materials & vegetable based inks, to including biodegradable information cards embedded with seeds that can be planted, and thus contribute to an improved environment. What I also appreciate here, is that these products came in this plush oversized terry toiletry bag, an item that is as useful as it is beautiful — and big enough to hold all my ‘stuff’.


Apart from the skincare and the bag, also included were three reusable organic cotton/bamboo cleansing cloths (with their own terry cloth envelope) as well as a terry-covered eye mask that has a removable inner pouch filled with organic amaranth seeds, a herb known for its refreshing and decongestant properties. So yeah, this is hands down the most posh eye mask I now own.



When Guerlain launched their Youth Watery Oil a few years ago, I had been invited to learn more, and since then this gem has been a staple in my skincare routine. In fact, I’ve gone through multiple bottles, and there’s a reason 1 is sold every few seconds worldwide: it works. And works damn well, I might add. The Abeille Royale range in general is one of my favourites, and when the Double R Serum came out a while back, I quickly found that when it was used in tandem with the Youth Watery Oil, these two products became game-changers for my skin. Fast forward to 2021, and now Eye R Repair Serum has been added to the roster, which leads me to believe that I might just have the makings of my skincare trifecta.

The “Trifecta”



Abeille Royale Eye R Repair Serum (CAN $155.00/ 20 ml) | With its honeycomb shaped bottle and iconic bee motif, this is the newest addition to the Abeille Royale family. With over 10 years of research, the star player here — as in the rest of the range — is Ouessant Black Bee honey, an ingredient sustainably sourced from the pristine & parasite/pesticide-free Ouessant island in France, where Guerlain has been a long time supporter of the beekeeping cooperative there, helping to preserve the land and encourage bee populations to thrive.

This eye serum is said to help “visibly improve 6 dimensions of skin’s youth: firmness, wrinkle correction, tone, radiance, softness, and skin quality“. The formula is composed of 94% naturally derived ingredients (the remaining 6% contribute to optimizing the formula’s integrity over time). The delivery system is also unique, featuring the “Gold Drop“, a metallized pearl with a cooling effect along the skin, and which also enables you to perform an exclusive 360° tensing and reviving massage upon application (check out Guerlain’s site for the perfect massaging technique). The Black Bee Eye Repair Technology combines honey with exclusive royal jelly, as well as two naturally derived tensing polymers to help provide a lifting and smoothing effect. Finally, the “double technology” offers a gentle peeling which serves to refine, firm, and illuminate the delicate skin around the eyes.

As this has only recently come in and I’ve only just begun testing it out, I can’t speak to any long-term effects but what I have seen in a short span of time has certainly impressed me. The Gold Drop is very efficient for application and feels so good that I almost don’t want to stop when using it. The texture is lovely as well and while it doesn’t instantly melt into skin, once it does, I definitely see hints of a brighter tone with fine lines appearing significantly less visible. Even at these early stages, I am totally on board to see how the skin around my eyes improves with continued use. Another feature I love about this range, is the [intoxicating] honey-like fragrance, although it’s softened somewhat here to be just a whisper.

TIP: keep the bottle refrigerated to maximize the cooling effect & which will also help minimize puffiness.





Abeille Royale Youth Water Oil (CAN $188.00/50 ml) | Also available in a smaller 30 ml size, this is a face oil that combines the power of a serum, the freshness of a lotion, and the richness of an oil. The formula contains:

  • Black Bee Honey – rich in amino acids, trace elements, and high in fructose-content help in the vital repair process of skin tissue
  • Royal Jelly – a precious substance produced by worker bees to exclusively feed the hive queen, rich in essential nutrients, and a natural source of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamins that offer exceptional benefits for the skin
  • Commiphora Oil – myrrh gum, an ingredient that’s been used in traditional medicine in many cultures for over 3,000 years, well known for its healing, restorative & soothing properties, and which is rich in biologically active molecules that play a key role in skin renewal

The bottle needs to be gently shaken so the encapsulated beads can rise, and is dispensed via a pipette. You then place a few drops in the palm of the hands and warm that up (that said, I always go with more, as I apply this all the way along my décolletage as well) and pat into the skin. I strongly suggest you visit Guerlain’s site to see the full massage technique, which actually works really well. The honey fragrance is nothing less than ‘heavenly‘ and this booster can be applied morning and night (DO IT!!!) as well as  before or instead of moisturizer and/or serum — but that also depends on your skin type and needs. I usually apply my toner and specific serums (Vitamin C during the day, Niacinamide at night), and then the Youth Watery Oil on top. There are some days where I skip everything else except for toner, this oil, and the Double R Serum (daytime only) and have found that to be more than enough. But what keeps me loyal is the effect I’ve seen: my skin looks IMMEDIATELY plumper and glowy (obviously, since this is an oil), and the texture is unbelievably soft. For those who tend to avoid face oils in general, I can’t recommend this one enough, because it does become relatively quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue behind.





Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Serum (CAN $255.00/50ml) | Also available in a smaller 30 ml size, this is a dual-chambered serum that dispenses 2 components at the same time. The formula provides a simultaneous lifting effect combined with a “soft” peel  — nothing overt, and gentle enough for sensitive skin types as well. With Black Bee Honey and Royal Jelly as the active ingredients here too, this serum can be used morning and night and with continued & consistent (← this last word is important) use you can expect to see the following results:

  • smoother skin texture
  • pores and wrinkles appearing minimized
  • visibly radiant complexion

I prefer to use this as a last step (and after the Youth Watery Oil) and I quickly realized that I can even skip adding moisturizer, with my skin continuing to feel thoroughly hydrated. Again, it also depends on the time of year and other factors that will determine if I need to layer anything else on top. There’s a wonderful massage technique for this product on Guerlain’s site as well and while I don’t always do it au complet, the difference in how my complexion looks after when I do, is actually noticeable: plumper, definitely more even toned & brighter, and so so so soft. As in, baby butt soft. Softer maybe.



As I stated at the top, I am definitely a Guerlain devotee — and I’ll even go so far as to say that I may love their skincare above all else (well, except for their bronzers, Météorites, and several fragrances. So basically everything, lol). The Abeille Royale range is luxury skincare and while the prices do lean a bit high, I can tell you from personal experience that the products are worth their weight in gold. Both the Youth Watery Oil and Double R Serum are staples in my regimen and I almost don’t want to test other products out (but I take one for the team anyway) because I don’t like removing these two heroes from my routine; that’s how effective I find them to be. As to this new Eye R Serum, I’ve happily incorporated it into the lineup and so far, I’m loving it. Final verdict: highly, highly recommend — you can thank me later.


Available at Guerlain Boutiques & counters, as well as online




Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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