NUDESTIX · Rock N’Roller Eyeliner Ink, Love Me Nudes Kit & Nude(Art)Ist Box


NUDESTIX continues to impress me, and apart from the fact that it’s a Canadian brand (#CanadianPride ??), I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the 2 brilliant sisters & founders, Taylor & Ally Frankel. So here’s the deal: fuss-free makeup in the form of jumbo crayons that don’t need specific tools for application (in most cases, fingers will suffice), made with the finest ingredients AND they’re all super travel-friendly … what’s not to love? So when this package containing some of their latest goodies arrived in this absolutely adorable vegan makeup bag, let’s just say that both my inner child and the makeup geek in me was very, very happy.



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Rock N’Roller Easy Eyeliner Ink (CAN $28.00/each) | Here’s the easiest liquid liner you’ll probably ever apply, and all props go to the unique “pizza-wheel” style applicator (see the closeup below). Available in 3 shades (Black Moon not shown), the concept is easy: after giving the contents a good shake to thoroughly mix all the ingredients together, you remove the applicator and let the little wheel do all the work as you glide it along the skin. You can create a thin line along the lashes, or build up as desired — even cat-eye flicks are effortless with this applicator. Once set, it’s relatively budge-proof without cracking or flaking, and removal is best performed with a dual-phase makeup remover.

Note that as with other NUDESTIX products, each Rock N’Roller Eyeliner Ink comes in its own re-purposable tin that has a full sized mirror on the inner lid.




Love Me Nudes Kit, Natural Edition (CAN $65.00/value $168.00) | Housed in the brand’s signature reusable tin (which includes a full sized mirror on the inner lid and a portable covered sharpener), this one features curated art by Canadian artist Jessica Gorlicky entitled “This Is Real” — an ode to LOVE, a force that she feels is as powerful as it is unifying. In fact, proceeds from the sale of each kit was donated to LOVE IS LOUDER, a project that supports against bullying, depression along with suicide prevention. That said, this kit is now sold out online, but as I’m not sure if it was in fact an online exclusive or not, I suggest you check your closest Sephora for stock.

The good news, however, is that while the kit may be sold out, each shade is part of the permanent range and therefore still readily available.

  • Tay Tay Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm – petal pink nude
  • Ally Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm – peachy pink nude
  • Purity Intense Matte Lip + Cheek – neutral mauve nude, matte finish
  • Rose Magnetic Matte Lip Color – neutral rose pink, matte finish
  • Mystic Cream Lip + Cheek Pencil – mauve with a hint of brown, satin finish
  • Retro Intense Matte Lip + Cheek – warm toned brick red, semi matte finish


NUDE(ART)IST Box (CAN $28.00/each) | My apologies; I actually don’t have a price for this box and can’t seem to find it online either, but on the plus side all pieces are part of the permanent range, and therefore available. That said, I have a huge love for this brand’s eye pencils (which reminds me to include them in my makeup bag for my upcoming vacation), as they are insanely easy to use, and in the case of the magnetic versions, they boast an amazing staying power as well — without needing primer to anchor them either … a feat that’s pretty much miraculous, especially on my lids which do tend to get oily.

With regards to the Eyebrow Stylus (also available in 4 other shades), the concept is in line with the rest of this brand: a pencil on one end and a brow gel in the other, making this an eminently travel-friendly product. The pencil with its bevelled shape, is easy to use and has enough glide to help it apply smoothly — although I suggest varying your angle when applying so as to not wear down the pointed end too much. The gel comes with its own spoolie brush and works beautifully to tame down stray hairs while keeping everything in place, without cracking or flaking off — and neither does it feel crunchy and/or stiff as it maintains some flexibility.



While we all know about jumbo crayon makeup, it literally took a couple of teens to elevate that concept to something more. Basically, the range was born out of a need for easy-to-apply makeup that doesn’t require a ton of complicated brushes for application, but then the girls threw in a reusable tin (which can be repurposed for school supplies in a pinch) and a sharpener that connects to each pencil (no excuses for lost sharpeners), and went the extra mile by ensuring each product is made using clean and effective ingredients. The fact that they also periodically collaborate with artists for unique packaging as well as worthwhile causes, only adds to the charm — but what stands out the most? You’ll get some of the finest quality makeup (at prices that won’t break the bank) and ALL in totally wearable colours. As I said at the top: what’s not to love?

Available at Sephora & online


Kindly provided by NUDESTIX for my unbiased consideration

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  1. I really need to try Nudestix, I’ve heard such great things about the brand and I love that their Canadian.


    • Eugenia says:

      Jennifer, you definitely should give this brand a try; not only are the products so well made, but work beautifully and are all travel-friendly too!

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