Essie – Fall 2010 Collection

No, you haven’t entered a time warp; I’m posting Essie’s fall collection AFTER the winter collection.  Why, you may be asking?  The answer is rather simple, really.  While I was fully intending to… Continue reading

CHANEL – Le Vernis Rouge Fatal #487 Limited Edition Fall 2010

Although I love the look and thought of wearing red nail polish, rarely do I give in to the temptation for several reasons: first of all, the red is never deep enough for… Continue reading

NARS – Pokerface nail polish Holiday 2010

Trust François Nars to come up with something unconventional for his holiday collection….how much fun is that?!  When I saw the first promotional pictures of the NARS Holiday 2010 Collection, my first thought… Continue reading

Sneak Peek! – CHANEL Riva nail polish from their Cruise Collection 2011

The frenzy continues: CHANEL has leaked out some details of its next sure-to-be-coveted-worldwide nail colour: Riva.  For this collection, CHANEL chose sunny & exotic Côte d’Azur, with the models arriving at the old port carried… Continue reading

MAC – Style Clan nail polish from ‘A Tartan Tale Collection’

I must admit to be being a little overeager; before MAC’s ‘A Tartan Tale Collection’ officially launched to the public on October 28th, I had set aside basically the entire collection to be… Continue reading

Dior Vernis – Timeless Gold #226

Happy Hallowe’en to all beauty fiends! As promised, I did go back and pick up Timeless Gold because its subtle glamour was too difficult to resist!  For this holiday season, I’m so pleased… Continue reading

Dior Vernis – Czarina Gold #916

Yesterday I finally managed to find the latest Dior holiday polishes, Czarina Gold and Timeless Gold, and even though I only picked up the former, I am going back to my Dior counter… Continue reading

Essie – Spring 2011 News!

Winter cosmetic and nail polish collections still haven’t fully hit the counters yet and some of us are already wondering what Spring will hold in store!  Are we that fickle, or just obsessed?!… Continue reading

OPI Burlesque Collection Duo

  When OPI released their Burlesque Collection (another collaboration, but this one with the soon to be released movie of the same name starring Cher & Christina Aguilera), I was surprised to learn… Continue reading