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I was 14 when the original Star Wars™ movie was released and I literally went and saw it in theatre 7 times (obviously this was before BluRay existed). To say that I am a sci-fi geek wouldn’t be a lie, so when I received an email notification that Pat McGrath was launching a collection to coincide with the release of Star Wars™: The Rise of Skywalker, I didn’t hesitate. Beauty + science fiction = PERFECTION, at least for me.

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Subscribing to a brand’s email listing has its perks, as in receiving advance notification when a collection launches. I had yet to pull the trigger on purchasing any of Pat McGrath’s eye shadow palettes (I mean, CAN $175.00 for one palette? Ummm no thanks) but there was NO WAY I was going to resist indulging here. I initially selected the Golden Galaxy Duo but there was a glitch and by the time I went to pay it had been dropped from my cart and was sold out at the same time. So I raced to add the Dark Galaxy Duo instead (CAN $125.00) and was happily successful. I started breathing again at this point. Best part? I had been given a VIP 10% discount plus shipping was free! An added bonus was that it arrived on December 24th and thus became my Christmas gift from me to me!!! On a side note, I’m actually really happy that I ended up with this duo as I feel the shades are much more wearable and will get plenty of love.

To begin with, I’m impressed with the fact that this palette didn’t come with any extra or excessive packaging; what’s seen above is how it arrived. Housed in a sturdy cardboard exterior case that closes magnetically, it also includes a full sized mirror on the inner lid.

The six shades come in a mix of matte, satin, and intense shimmer textures and in pans large enough that you can use a variety of brushes, without fear of cross-contamination. All are incredibly pigmented, displaying full opacity from the first stroke and blend equally beautifully. That said, I soon realized that it’s best to start with a light amount and add more as needed — else I ran the risk of needing to spend extra time blending out. I also recommend tapping any excess off the brush first to avoid any fall down, although even when I forgot to do so I didn’t notice anything falling, so that’s a plus. I’ve played with the palette several times and while applying the shimmery shades with a brush works well, I prefer patting them on with my finger instead — although for extra impact I used a dampened brush to apply them, and the effect was nothing short of electrifying. Staying power over primer, is PHENOMENAL with both the colours & shimmer staying vibrant until removed.

As a beauty lover (hoarder, collector) I have many items that have exceptional and/or breathtaking packaging, but this collection has jumped to the top of the list. And while I never imagined I’d want anything with an Imperial Stormtrooper on it (hello, bad guys?), everything here just works.

Housed in a powerful red lacquer casing with the Star Wars™ logo on one side, the other side has the iconic Pat McGrath “lips” done in black. The bullet is an icy pink hue filled with prismatic ultra-fine shimmer, but one which lays flat & smoothly along the lips. Make no mistake about it though; this is a balm — granted, the prettiest balm I’ve ever owned, but a balm nonetheless. That said, I am blown away. Not only does it provide a soft pop of colour (at some angles, the holographic particles literally jump out at you, but in a good way), but the texture is incredibly creamy and actually does as good a job of keeping my lips thoroughly moisturized & hydrated as my current favourite lip balm (Lanolips 101 Ointment). I’m so impressed, that I’m now planning on getting one of the regular balms from this brand … as soon as I have a promo code I can use, since I’m not ready to spring CAN $55.00 for a lip balm. Yet.

Let me begin with an apology; I don’t like to post about products that are no longer available (unless it’s to compare an older item with something new) but the sci-fi & beauty nerd in me really needed to showcase these pieces. While I own a select few products from Pat McGrath (you can check them out here and here), I actually do reach for them often enough to say that they are being used quite regularly — which speaks volumes, considering the scope of my beauty collection. The main reason I hadn’t picked up any of the eyeshadow palettes until now, was because while her releases are all lovely, none spoke to me the way Dark Galaxy did and since this duo came at such an attractive price point, the Force was definitely at work here. Yes, this duo sold out at ‘light speed’, but you may still be able to find similar shades amongst her other palettes and at last check, Nude Astral is still available (sold individually). Now all that’s left is for me to go see the movie … wearing a look with these products, of course.

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