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Pixi Beauty products have been steadily gaining ground in my makeup routine, and as a girl who tends to lean more towards luxury beauty, no one is more surprised by this revelation, than me. Several weeks ago, a package came in containing the Pixi Pretties Collection for 2018 –comprised of the latest collaborative efforts between Pixi and 3 beauty influencers — and I couldn’t wait to crack everything open and, well … play. I’m seriously like a kid in a toy store whenever I’m around makeup and who can blame me when stuff like this comes in?



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Pixi + Chloe Morello Palette Chloette Romantic Radiance (CAN $34.00) | I’m guessing that when Chloe Morello was approached by Pixi to create her dream products, she was heavily influenced by her impending wedding, hence the inspiration behind the shades & their names. The palette has multiple uses, with several of the lighter shades able to perform double-duty as either eyeshadows or highlighters, while the deeper trio can work as liner, brow colour, or as intense eyeshadows. The blushes can also be worn along the eyes as well, and the lightest blush hue can even substitute as highlighter on those with darker skin tones. The palette includes a small strip of mirror along one edge, although it’s not really something all that useful and could easily have been omitted, in my opinion.

With the exception of the trio, the eyeshadow shades are all shimmery but don’t have significant falldown — just make sure to tap excess off your brush first. With surprisingly good pigmentation, the shimmer goes a long way in creating a soft eye look that still has a bit of luxe to it. The hues of the darker trio are not as pigmented as I thought they would be given their colours, although I assume that’s in keeping with the soft theme of this palette. That said, they can be layered up for more intensity (great for creating dimension to the eye along the outer crease) or applied with a dampened brush to be used as liner, and even work well along the brows to fill in any sparse areas. The blushes all display excellent pigmentation and their shimmer seems to meld along the skin, helping to provide a lovely radiance. Other common features are how easily they blend out, not to mention how utterly wearable these shades are and for a broad range of complexions at that.

  • Veil – white with a gold shift
  • Honeymoon – champagne
  • Fairytale – light peachy gold
  • Passion – apricot
  • Lace – pearly white
  • Swoon – pale copper
  • Knot – taupe blonde
  • Unity – stone brown
  • Tux – charcoal

  • Promise – peach with golden shimmer
  • Bouquet – rose with pink shimmer
  • Romance – coral rose with shimmer


Pixi + Chloe Morello Cake Lip Icing (CAN $22.00) | This lip gloss is really lovely and sits absolutely within my wheelhouse. A transparent base that’s loaded with iridescent ultra-fine shimmer, it has a flocked doe-foot applicator and a texture which feels buttery smooth upon application (never sticky), with shimmer that lays flat upon the lips without any grittiness. You can wear it solo as I have in my swatch below, or topped over any other lip shade for a shimmery pop. Oh, and it smells pretty yummy too. Naturally, staying power is about par for something sheer such as this (ie: not that long), although some shimmery bits will stay behind once the glossiness has gone.



Pixi + Dulce Candy Café Con Dulce Sweet Glow Palette (CAN $34.00) | These two palettes were created by YouTuber, Dulce Candy, and from the names and tones of the shades, it appears that she drew inspiration from her Mexican heritage. Both palettes are multi-use; Café Con Dulce has 9 shades that can be worn as eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, or even a shimmery-type bronzer, and come in an innovative creamy powder formulation. The 9 shades of the Dulce’s Lip Candy palette (CAN $34.00) all have surprisingly good pigmentation and coverage, with a creamy texture and a soft satiny finish. The beauty of these shades, is that they look equally good on the lips as well as worn as blush, where they can all be easily blended out for a natural flush of colour and pretty good staying power, especially when worn over primer/foundation.

  • Brillante – golden beige
  • Dulce – pale gold
  • Caramelo – golden caramel
  • Piruli – soft berry
  • Pan Dulce – rose
  • Estrella – icy pale pink
  • Bon-Bon – peachy gold
  • Tamarindo – rose gold
  • Morenita – soft bronze


  • Fresa – baby pink
  • Sirena – apricot, soft shimmer
  • Alma – nude (warm)
  • Flor – hot pink
  • Pasion – coral
  • Enamorada – deep rose
  • Corazon – intenso pink
  • Beso – red rose
  • Canela – nude taupe



Pixi + Weylie Hoang Dimensional Eye Creator Kit (CAN $34.00) | The final offering is from YouTuber Weylie Hoang, and consists of 1 multi-use palette along with a dual ended eyeliner. The mix of mattes and shimmers in the palette all lean warm, and display excellent pigmentation, although they can also be easily blended out as well. The texture of each hue was also a surprise: velvety smooth and providing opaque coverage from the first swipe. As to the liner, I really like the fact that you have two distinct finishes in one pencil; the kohl part is great for smudging out, for those times when you want to create a softer line, or even to wear along the waterline, while the felt-tip part comes with a nicely defined point and not only has good staying power (once set), but is useful for creating a stronger look, ie: winged eye liner.

  • Bomb – bronze, complex golden shimmer
  • Potato – camel, matte
  • Itty Bitty – champagne, shimmer
  • Beautis – terracotta, matte
  • Sista –  brick rust, satin shimmer
  • Girl! – rose gold, shimmer


It’s not often that mass-market beauty products catch my eye, but when they do it’s always a nice surprise. After all, who wouldn’t want well-performing makeup that’s more wallet-friendly than their luxury counterparts? I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a fan of Pixi’s lightweight “cheap” plastic packaging, but it does help to keep costs down — which I totally approve of. As to these Pretties, my faves have turned out to be the Chloe Morello Cake Lip Icing & the Weylie Hoang Let’s Talk Eyes palette, although the rest have their interesting merits as well — it’s all a question of personal preference. I believe that these may all be limited edition, but I’m still spotting them in store, so if something here has grabbed your fancy, I’d definitely say it’s worth your while to check out!

Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix



Kindly provided by Pixi Beauty for my unbiased consideration

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