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Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending an intimate breakfast to welcome UK brand Pixi Beauty back to Canada, where I not only got the scoop on several upcoming products but also had the opportunity to pick the brains of Amanda Bell, Beauty Global Colour Ambassador for Pixi. For those of you already familiar with the range, then I don’t need to tell you about some of their cult-fave icons (hello, Glow Tonic?) and if you’re not familiar, well read on to learn more about this brand from Amanda Bell herself (she’s so cool … and FUNNY!)



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My kind of breakfast companions

In case you’re wondering, I ate everything (except the products, doh)




Founded by British makeup artist Petra Strand, the brand came to life out of her desire to create products that were not only efficient multi-taskers (she’s a mother of 4 so she definitely knows a thing or two about being busy), but made with beneficial ingredients and infused with botanicals which also offer up healthy skincare benefits. Oh, and everything is very affordably priced without skimping on quality. The philosophy behind the brand is simple: flawless in a few fuss-free minutes. And … done.

Like most people, my first foray with this brand was with the iconic Glow Tonic toner and it continues to be a staple in my cleansing routine to this day. While the brand makes some fun colour cosmetics, I definitely favour their Skintreats lineup, primarily because everything I’ve tried to date has proven to be effective and work as claimed. The fact that the range is easy on the wallet doesn’t hurt the cause either.

NOTE: The Glow Tonic To-Go pads were not detailed in my review as I believe they’re not available here in Canada

  • Glow Mud Cleanser (CAN $24.00) | a deep pore mud cleanser that gently exfoliates & purifies the skin. Made with 5% glycolic acid, it’s suitable for all skin types and can be used morning or night.
  • Overnight Glow Serum (CAN $34.00) | a concentrated exfoliating gel to be used in the evening, meant to reveal a more radiant and even-looking complexion. Formulated with 10% glycolic acid and arginine, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and fade sun spots over time. Also enriched with cucumber, aloe vera extracts, and Vitamins  A, C & E to hydrate and nourish the skin.
  • 24K Eye Elixir (CAN $28.00) | an anti fatigue peptide serum that massages away puffiness as it smooths and refreshes the eye area. Infused with powerful line-smoothing ingredients including real gold, it also has collagen to help plump fine lines and raspberry to tone the skin, while the roller-ball applicator provides an instant cooling effect and helps promote better circulation in the delicate eye area.

In my opinion, face mists are skincare’s secret weapon and a must-have item pre, during, as well as after one’s makeup application. Thankfully, Pixi has several options to select from to suit a variety of needs:

  • Vitamin Wakeup Mist (CAN $20.00/NEW) | this boosting treatment toner gives a revitalized, awakened effect to complexion. The orange blossom water is blended with citrus fruit extracts, lavender and arginine to help strengthen and tone the skin. Apply before moisturizer, after makeup or anytime for a refreshing skin feel.
  • Hydrating Milky Mist (CAN $20.00) | a featherlight but deeply hydrating mist with plenty of skin-soothing properties, including a blend of Black Oat, Provitamin A, and linoleic acid. Excellent for dry skin and perfect to apply before a serum.
  • Glow Mist (CAN $20.00) | an all-over glow mist for a radiant, dewy effect. Suitable for all skin types, it’s enriched with 13 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera, and fruit extracts to refresh and hydrate skin.
  • Makeup Fixing Mist (CAN $20.00) | an all-over setting spray for longer wearing makeup. The rose water and green tea infused formula comforts, protects and balances the skin as it also works to help keep makeup from settling into fine lines.

Meet Amanda Bell, Pixi Beauty Global Colour Ambassador

How does this brand stand apart in the beauty industry?

For me Pixi is a very authentic brand; the ethos has not changed since it started and it really resonated with me because Petra Strand the founder was so much at the heart of everything that Pixi stands for. I love that it is still essentially a small brand that has slowly grown and expanded whilst still maintaining integrity and authenticity.

If you can recap: how long have you been a makeup artist and what attracted you to this field?

I have been a makeup artist for over 23 years. I was always obsessed with fashion magazines (even as a small child) and I used to look at the fashion stories in magazines like Vogue and Elle and literally drink in the imagery. When I grew older I studied art and it was a very small leap for me to makeup artistry, as the face is the ultimate canvas.

What are your must-haves from Pixi in both skincare & colour cosmetics?

I will share some of my personal favourites from my kit:

  • I love Rose oil as a nourishing treatment for all skins.
  • Glow Tonic as it is literally a miracle in a bottle and preps the skin so beautifully.
  • Glow Mud Cleanser is like a daily detox for the skin and you can leave it on for 10 minutes to use as a mask.
  • I love the H20 Skin Tint as it is like a hybrid base; treats and soothes the skin as well as colour corrects and makes the skin look perfected, but feels weightless.
  • Correction Concentrate  erases dark circles and is what I call my 8 hours of sleep in a jar…I need it!
  • The Endless Silky Eye Pencils are the best vegan eye pencils I have ever used – they are richly pigmented with a texture like butter, and so long lasting.

As an acclaimed makeup artist, what are your travel makeup-bag essentials?

Firstly thank you for saying that! As a makeup artist, you are so much behind the scenes that it’s always so lovely to have praise. I keep a primer, a concealer, powder, a clear brow gel and a tinted lip balm about my person when I travel so I can look fresh faced and rested  (as much as possible when I travel) and for my hair dry shampoo and shine spray.

Who do you consider a beauty icon(s)?

I have very diverse tastes; I love the edgy androgyny of Grace Jones, the sweet girlishness of a young Kate Moss, the timeless beauty of Grace Coddington and the sheer beauty of Lily Collins.

I know you’re not necessarily about trends, but is there a new technique you’re embracing right now that we need to get on board with?

Bronzing  with 2 tones opposed to one flat bronzer across the entire face – choose a warmer, soft peachy bronzer for the highest points of the face  (where you would catch the sun first and it would be a tiny bit more flushed) i.e.: the highest points of the cheek, centre of the forehead, bridge of the nose and the chin, and then go in with an olive/neutral bronzer in a reverse 3 on the outer perimeters of the face staring at the forehead- close to the hairline, under the cheekbone and along the jawline to sculpt and add definition as well as warmth. Blend both bronzers together for an ultra-flattering and seamless finish.

A warmer neutral eye can really pop the colour of your eye, so instead of sticking to beige/stone or taupe, switch it out to pumpkin or slightly spicy tones which are so on trend — especially with an overlay of metallic in the centre of the lid.

A real departure to dial up your makeup is in choosing a statement lip, and matte is such a wonderful texture to wear with lips right now; more opaque, full coverage and intense payoff in a shade that transports make up into becoming the ultimate accessory.

Speaking of trends, is there anything you wish would just disappear?

A couple, but a really heavy block eyebrow can be too intense while a brow that has had a feathering of pencil through it is so much more flattering. Also, massively over drawn lips. Those are definitely 2 things I would like to see disappear.

Most women today balance rather hectic lives — what tips do you have on optimizing one’s beauty routine?

With skincare: create a simple daily routine that works for maintenance but add in a mask weekly or bi-weekly that is prescriptive. For example, if your skin is congested use a clay based mask, OR if your skin is dehydrated use a mask with humectants.

Wherever possible with colour, use products that contain plant extracts or botanicals so that they impart extra benefits that can improve the skin.  Use less powder, or use blotting papers and/or a fixing mist to hold your make up perfectly in place, and don’t be afraid to mix or customize/ blending a couple of products together or a couple of shades together or even layering, to create a unique shade that works perfectly for you.

Lastly, if you only have 15 minutes to do your makeup, what do you do?

It would start with Skin Prep and definitely revitalizing my skin with a mist.

Primer & base and then tap in concealer on any part of the face that need extra coverage, I would keep it simple and fresh but with a red lip. The red lip elevates even the most simple makeup look.


And there you have it – words of wisdom that we can definitely all live with … and afford.

Available at Shopper’s/Pharmaprix



Media samples kindly provided, all opinions are my own











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  1. Carolina says:

    Loved this post! From Pixi I only have their Glow Tonic, but I’m dying to get my hands in more skincare items!


  2. I’ve seen the Eye Elixir in Shoppers Drug Mart, it looks interesting. I like their face mists and want to try the Milky one. I hope they continue to expand the range in Canada. http://www.mrsqbeauty.com

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