Real Techniques · Spring 2017 Launches


Real Techniques, the makeup brushes created by Pixiwoo beauty gurus Sam & Nicola Chapman, have come out with new releases for 2017 with the goal of making your makeup application even easier than before, and at a price that won’t make your wallet want to run away in fear. What’s more, several of these brushes are actually good enough to give their higher-end counterparts a run for their money. Nothing like good old competition to level the playing field.



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6 Miracle Sponges (CAN $34.99) | Released in a group kit, these latex-free sponges are also available individually — although this set is a much better value price-wise and you get a variety to work with. An indispensable tool re: makeup application, they can be used either damp or dry and can withstand multiple washings before needing to be replaced (the brand recommends you change them every 3 months, but with proper care I suspect they can certainly go longer than that).

  • miracle mini eraser sponges – excellent for around the eyes or other small areas
  • miracle complexion sponge – best for all over foundation application
  • miracle sculpting sponge – ideal for contouring or other precision work

Expert Concealer Brush (CAN $10.99) | Based on the brand’s best-selling Expert Face Brush except shrunken down to a smaller size, this bears a head of dense yet soft rounded bristles for easy concealer blending. Excellent for the delicate eye area as well as around the nose, this brush does an great job of buffing product into the skin, whether using powders or creams/liquids. TIP: can also be used for precision contour blending along narrow planes of the face.

Eye Smudge & Diffuse Set (CAN $14.99) | Both of these brushes do an great job of smudging cream or powder products into the lash line, with the smaller Precision Smudge Brush being quite useful for getting into tighter areas that the larger Smudge Brush can’t. Definite must-haves for anyone who likes to sport a smoky eye look, or even if you’re just the smuded-in-eyeliner type.

Eye Detail & Define Set (CAN $14.99) | Both brushes are meant for precision work with regards to eye lining. The synthetic bristles are compatible with creams, gels, powders & liquid products and are compact enough to help provide a nice & tight application. What makes this set pretty interesting, is the addition of the Eye Line Pick with its pre-cut shapes; simply choose the one that you prefer and/or matches your eye shape, then use it as a guide to help trace out your eye liner. Easy-peasy.

Sculpting Set (CAN $27.99/Walmart exclusive) | The 3 brushes of this set are actually great multi-taskers; the wide & angled Sculpting Brush features densely packed soft bristles and apart from use with contouring products, also works great re: foundation application. The Setting Brush is of a size that works really well for smaller areas of the face (for use with setting/translucent powder around the nose & under the eyes) as well as along the cheekbone hollow for controlled contour placement. The Fan Brush is not only effective in laying down highlighter along the high points of the face, but can also be used to dust off any excess powder or shadow fall-down along the skin. Bonus: this set also comes with a white plastic holder (handy, but nothing earth-shattering).

Lip Colour & Blur Set (CAN $14.99) | To be honest, the only time lately that I use a lip brush is when I’m applying glitter to my lips but I’ve also found that this type of brush works best for use with concealer to carve out a nice & clean arch under the brows. The Lip Blur Brush was a bit of a mystery until I played around with it and found that it actually works quite well for diffusing lip colour and creating more of a soft-focus effect; blotting with tissue does a similar job, but is somewhat messier. I’m pretty sure I’ll find other uses for this brush too, as it’s definitely unique in my collection.


I have two confessions: 1) I have a serious addiction to makeup brushes and 2) I’m a bit of a beauty snob elitist. That said and thanks to the recommendations of both Chapman sisters, I had a major curiosity to try Real Techniques brushes to see what all the fuss was about. Surprisingly, I currently have several favourites that I turn to quite often — something I honestly did not expect, especially from a mass-market brand. Best part? These brushes are now available at more locations across Canada and at such friendly pricing too. Guilt-free beauty indulging at its finest, I tell you.

Available in Canada at Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, Brunet, Jean Coutu, Uniprix



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