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I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Revlon photoshoot that was based on the brand’s latest range, the Youth FX™ Collection. When I was approached for this campaign, I was told that there would be “before” & “after” shots, as the scope was to show the effectiveness of the products. I actually physically tightened at the mention of the before part, mainly because I’m not used to displaying my naked face before the world, but never let it be said that I didn’t take one for the team. Products that can help me look as young as I feel? Yeah ….sign me up.



Some background first: the Youth FX™ Collection of products includes new primers, foundations, and concealers that are meant to fill, blur, & transform the complexion, along with providing anti-ageing skincare benefits with continued use over time. We’re talking about that “you-but-better” effect, which I absolutely love the idea of, but let’s just say that I did approach the concept with a healthy dose of skepticism … at first. That all changed when I actually saw the products in action.

A few weeks ago on a fairly hot & humid day, my daughter & I flew to Toronto for the shoot (she was my assistant, my travel buddy, AND my support/voice of total honesty, lol). The photoshoot took place at Album Studio Rentals, and hair styling was provided by Kirsten Klontz, makeup by Sabrina Rinaldi, and photography by identical twins Lily & Lilac. The studio itself was airy & bright (but no A/C so it felt warmer than I expected), with a large catered buffet laid out and which we totally dove into. PS: everything was delish.


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As I’m more used to being behind rather in front of the lens, I had a few awkward moments, but the photographic duo of Lily & Lilac put me at ease within seconds — still, let’s just say that I wasn’t entirely ‘myself’ as my bare face was being captured for all to see.


As soon as the ‘before’ shots were done, I was whisked over to the hair station, where stylist Kirsten Klontz did a few touch-ups; as the objective behind the entire shoot was to showcase the Youth FX™ products, the idea wasn’t to ‘glam’ me up but rather to just add some polish; that said, we kept my hair smooth & sleek and pretty much like I usually wear it.



Once my hair was done, it was time for makeup. Revlon ambassador Sabrina Rinaldi has been a makeup artist for over 20 years now, and her accomplishments number many (more that I can list here), including editorial shoots for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Flare, and Elle Canada to name but a few, and in 2011 she was also recognized as Makeup Artist of the Year at the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards. Having worked with a who’s who roster of celebrity clients as well, her approach is effortless and I definitely took the opportunity to pick up some of her tips while she did my makeup. Filed under things I never knew: the Youth FX™ Fill + Blur Primers for Face/Neck and for Forehead work better when pushed into the skin in an upward motion (think: against the grain), filling in pores and fine lines much more effectively this way. As with my hair, the look was kept ‘natural-ish’, and by cocktailing 2 Youth FX™ Fill + Blur foundation shades, Sabrina came up with my perfect skin match — the result was impressive. I’ve said often enough that it all begins with the right canvas, in this case: foundation, and trust me when I say that Youth FX™ is knocking it out of the park, as it not only creates a phenomenal base to work with but continues to improve your skin throughout the wearing. That’s some pretty magical stuff. And just like that, I was ready.

I may or may not have drooled over all this bounty …


My perfect matches: 220 Natural Beige & 200 Nude

Confession: I love getting pampered #notgonnalie


With hair and makeup done (and I use that word in the loosest sense, as any work was minimal at best), I was ready for my ‘after’ shot. Everyone around me — including myself — immediately noted how much more at ease I appeared. The reason for that is that I saw the transformation to my face once the Youth FX™ products were applied: my skin looked smoother & more polished (but in a natural-looking way), and my fine lines — of which I have plenty — were pretty much blurred away. Was I 10 years younger? Hell no … but this was enough to make me feel 10 years younger, if not more.

Since the shoot, I’ve come to appreciate the Youth FX™ primers and foundation even more; for starters, the optical diffusers in the primers not only do an amazing job of filling in fine lines, but have a slight plumping effect combined with moisturizing properties so that skin never gets that tight/pulled feel. The foundation is a true hero: jam-packed with micro-fillers and optical diffusers, the coverage is at once full AND lightweight in feel, immediately evening out skin tone/discolourations, never settles in fine lines, oxidizes, or looks cakey throughout the wearing. Even my daughter noticed & commented on how good my complexion looked — and she hardly ever does that.

With the lovely Kirsten Klontz

With the über-talented Sabrina Rinaldi

With photog dynamic duo Lily & Lilac

Like I’d resist a solo photo op against this backdrop? Not likely


Once the shoot wrapped, we said our goodbyes and my daughter & I took off to explore a bit of Toronto before heading back home. With only a couple of hours to spare, we managed to take in some key sights, such as the landmark Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square (which is even more amazing at night when it’s lit up), and the CN Tower (only from the outside) — and are already planning on returning to do the full tourist thing. For the record, after an entire day spent moving around in almost unbearable heat, there’s one thing that actually withstood the battle (even if everything else didn’t), and that was my Youth FX™ Foundation. Consider me a convert.

The iconic Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square

Look up: The CN Tower, Toronto

A beautiful Toronto sunset to see us off


Available at mass-market retailers nationwide and

Montréal by night — ain’t she pretty? Looking fabulous for 375 years of age


Many thanks to Revlon Youth FX for partnering on this post, all opinions my own










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