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In time for the holidays, Shu Uemura has recently launched the La Maison du Chocolat Collection, done in collaboration with renown French chocolatier of the same name. With items drawing their inspiration — in name, colours, and in many cases even in scent — from decadent confections, everything is seriously, deliciously gorgeous. Beauty + chocolate = my kind of match.



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La Maison du Chocolat, Paris, France

Tell me you don’t want this right now



Ganache & Praline Eye Palette, limited edition (CAN $115.00/each) | The cuteness factor begins right from the packaging: each palette has been designed to look like a box of chocolates (I can’t). Made of sturdy plastic, they include a full-sized mirror on the inner lid and 2 small brushes — although in truth, I would have preferred 2 more shades instead of the brushes; that said the brushes may be tiny, but they’re well made. Both palettes also come with 8 hues in a mix of textures from matte, satin, shimmer, and even a glitter topper, and each happens to be scented as well. With regards to formula, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the shades applied beautifully and blended effortlessly, with staying power when worn over primer, is excellent as well: all stayed colour-true until removed.

Ganache & Praline Eye Palette Dark Cacao | Upon opening, you get a hint of something sweet, although it took a few minutes for me to actually pick up on the slight hint of chocolate. Interestingly though, this fragrance doesn’t last and dissipates soon after application — a good thing to note for those with sensitivities. The hues have a nice range of both cool and warm tones, and overall this palette is perfect for neutral lovers who may also want to spice things up a bit (I’m referring to the plum & gold shades). The colours are broken down top row to bottom row, left to right:

  • A1 – dark chocolate, matte
  • A2 – shimmery beige
  • A3 – shimmery plum
  • A4 – bone, matte
  • A5 – oyster with complex shimmer
  • A6 – shimmery taupe
  • A7 – gold shimmer with fine glitter
  • A8 – warm chocolate, matte


Ganache & Praline Eye Palette Framboise Berry | I adore berry and red eye shadows and reach for them all the time; not only are the shades extremely flattering on basically everyone, but these colours make green eyes (like mine) really stand out. Also lightly scented — sort of like raspberry-filled chocolates, but in a subtle way — what makes this palette unique, is that the hues may appear vivid, but their actual application show them to be more wearable than trendy. You can almost consider this a neutral berry palette, if that makes any sense. The colour breakdown is top row to bottom row, left to right:

  • B1 – prune, matte
  • B2 – nude, matte
  • B3 – shimmery cranberry
  • B4 – shimmery pink (cool)
  • B5 – shimmery apricot (warm)
  • B6 – shimmery dusky rose
  • B7 – peach pink glitter
  • B8 – bordeaux, matte


Shimmery Powder Blush · Face Color, limited edition (CAN $40.00/each) | Of course, it wouldn’t be a holiday collection without some glitter & glow, am I right? Created to be used along the face as highlighter, each shade can also be applied as eyeshadow — either lightly dusted on as a ‘topper’ (use a flat paddle brush for this and dab on, don’t swipe), or more intensely applied, although you’ll need an anchoring base first (i.e.: a neutral cream shadow). You can also dust a bit over lipstick for a fun & festive look, and either looks stunning applied to collarbones — heck, any area you wish to draw the light to, in fact. Both come with a flocked flat puff, although personally I don’t recommend these for application; that said, you can use them to ‘tamp’ down any excess shimmer, or repurpose them — as I do — to be used as skin buffers (i.e.: great for diffusing face products such as foundation, blush, highlighter, and bronzer). Each shade is well pigmented and even when the majority of colour has faded, you’ll still be left with some fine glitter pieces to keep the party going.

TIP: applied to upper cheekbones with a narrow buffer brush (I use the one from Pat McGrath) gives the most outrageous gleam to skin — unreal!


Rouge Unlimited Lipstick, limited edition (CAN $36.00/each) | If you’ve yet to try a Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipstick, then you’re in for a ‘treat’ (see what I did there?!) Seriously though, the texture is not only buttery smooth and highly pigmented, but each lasts beautifully AND more importantly, has a weightless & comfy feel upon the lips. Bearing a yummy chocolate fragrance, the semi-transparent packaging is fun too and gives an easy indicator of each shade. The collection includes 3 other colours in the Rouge Unlimited format (lush & satin-glossy finish), and 4 more shades in the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte format (velvet matte finish).

  • Hazelnut Ganache (Rouge Unlimited) – intense chocolate red, satin finish
  • Ripe Cherry (Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte) – blackened cherry, matte finish
  • Deep Cranberry (Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte) – vivid red, matte finish


Chocolate Topped Premium Curler, limited edition (CAN $25.00) | A cult fave if ever there was one, I’m fairly certain there isn’t a makeup artist alive who doesn’t own this brand’s iconic lash curler. With its metallic chocolate hue and adorable “chocolate bonbon” toggle, this is truly one of the most effective eyelash curlers on the market. The shape hugs the lash line comfortably and the grip makes it easy to use & hold. Personally, even though my lashes have a pretty good natural curl, I always use this first (or my other fave curler from CHANEL, although I believe that’s no longer available) before going in with mascara.

Bonus: this particular version may be limited edition, but it also happens to be priced the same as the regular one so if you’ve yet to indulge (see? I did it again; food references galore!) here’s your chance to give try it out … plus it’s fun to look at too!



So there you have it: a collection that is festive, fun, smells amazing, and more importantly, all items display a STELLAR performance. If you love chocolate & makeup (me), have a ‘thing’ for neutrals and berry tones alike (also me), or starting to compile a gift-giving list (again, me), then I can’t recommend this collection enough. A couple of warnings, however: everything is limited edition and … don’t eat any of it. #justsaying

Available at Sephora, The Bay, Nordstrom and



Kindly provided by Shu Uemura for my unbiased consideration

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