Something special about the new CHANEL Rouge Allure Laque

CHANEL recently launched Rouge Allure Laque and while it might seem counter-intuitive to wear lip products — other than, say, a balm — given the current mask-wearing times we’re all living in, it turns out that there’s actually something uplifting about wearing any of these shades. Then there’s this intriguing new formula …

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Rouge Allure Laque (CAN $48.00/each) | The newest lip innovation from CHANEL is a liquid lipstick that comes to a satin finish — but one that somehow manages to have a good amount of shine, nonetheless. Housed in the brand’s instantly recognizable rectangular silhouette with the double C’s on the cap, the transparent end of the ombré tube shows at a glance what shade you’re reaching for. The applicator has a densely flocked head with a gently pointed tip that serves to pick up enough product per swipe, while also making it easy to reach all lip edges with precision. The formula contains Sappan Wood and Vitamin E which help with hydration, and is composed of two agents: the first traps pigments for saturated coverage, while the second locks in a blend of oils for continuous shine. Said to provide up to 12 hours of wear (which I don’t plan on testing, as I refuse to sport lipstick for that length of time), these have an incredibly lightweight feel upon application and as their volatile oils evaporate, they leave plenty of colour & shine behind.

Available in 20 shades with several limited edition

  • 61 Continuous – peachy apricot
  • 67 Steady* – understated coral
  • 69 Rémanence* – vivid hot pink
  • 77 Dark Blossom* – plum mauve with shimmer
  • 79 Éternité – bordeaux
  • 80 Timeless – deep plummy red
  • 81 Obstination* – darkened plum

*Limited Edition

I tend to reach for gloss over lipstick primarily because I find them easier to use, so in that regard these fit squarely within my wheelhouse. I was surprise by several factors: how ultralight this formula feels applied, as well as how buttery in texture, making them so comfortable to wear that you forget you’ve even got anything on. And maybe it’s in defiance of the pandemic that’s still raging, but I’ve decided that a lipstick a day might just keep COVID away. Ok, so not really … but it couldn’t hurt AND your lips will look mighty fine at the same time.

Available at all CHANEL beauty counters

Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

What are your thoughts, beautiful?

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