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CHANEL – Las Vegas Collection (swatches & review)

Las Vegas … have there ever been two words that embodied glitz & glamour more perfectly than that? In honour of The Bellagio Hotel’s re-vamping of their in-house boutique, CHANEL created this limited edition 4-piece golden themed collection, loaded with stardust and “polyester dreams” – and when the opportunity arose for me to get my hands on these beauties, I jumped all over it!  *This collection was originally available for purchase only through The Bellagio’s CHANEL boutique, but has since been added to CHANEL’s website as well.


Las Vegas’ iconic welcome sign and its unique 8-pointed star – the inspiration behind the star pattern embossed on the ‘Lucky Stripes’ Palette

The theme song from this movie is now stuck in my head … (source)

The Bellagio Hotel and its famous “dancing fountains” (source)

The exterior of the re-vamped CHANEL boutique at The Bellagio

The boutique’s ‘Las Vegas Collection’ store-front display

‘Gold Fingers’ is molten gold; slightly sheer, the effect of this lacquer is best displayed when you apply it in three thin coats, thus ensuring it becomes fairly opaque.  Rather warm-leaning, it also has tiny micro-specks of gold scattered throughout, which capture the light at certain angles and reflect it back with a rich golden gleam.  For such an obviously ‘blingy’ shade, this was surprisingly wearable; CHANEL has managed to create a vivid gilded varnish that looks polished & fun – never tawdry. For a shade this brilliant, I was half expecting it to show a significant amount of brush strokes, but I’m happy to say that that’s not the case here – once dry, the effect is more lamé than metallic … gorgeous!

NOTE: The second song I now have stuck in my head, is the title sequence sung by Shirley Bassey of the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger” … (you can check it out on Youtube here)

CHANEL’s Gold Fingers

in sunlight

in sunlight/secondary view

indirect lighting


indoors/secondary view

with flash

with flash/secondary view

Rouge Coco Shine in ‘Brillant’ has quickly become one of my favourite lip products, and I just know I’m going to regret not getting a backup! As with all the shades of the Rouge Coco Shine line (say that fast ten times!), it actually feels more like a balm than a lipstick, applying quite sheer and leaving only a light veil of colour.  This shade is actually no more than a clear slick tinted a slight golden shade and bearing some exceptionally fine gold glitter dust, but I love its moisturizing feel and how there still seems to some very subtle sheen to the lips long after the majority of it has worn off. The downside is that wear time is rather short (no more than 2 hours at best, and that’s without eating), and the price is rather steep (US $32.50), considering it costs the same as a Rouge Coco lipstick, but holds less product (0.10 oz vs 0.12 oz).

In this sunlight swatch, you can catch some of the golden sparkle within this sheer shade

with flash 

I would have thought that the only pencil of this collection, Le Crayon Lèvres ‘Vegas Gold’, would have been created as an eye liner, but once again, CHANEL takes an unexpected turn by releasing this as a lip liner instead.  I confess that I wondered how (and if) I wold wear something like this, and truth be told, even though I applied it to the lips (see above swatches), I preferred using it on the inner corner of the eye instead.  The pencil itself is a touch more drying than I prefer in my lip liners, but I found that warming it up briefly against my skin before application helped with that. There is also some very tiny grit, due to the ultra fine glitter particles in the formula, but even though it seems like a vivid yellow-based gold, once applied the tone is actually much more diffused and softer, melding effortlessly with the lipstick. Lasting power was fairly decent (longer than the lipstick), which can be an issue if paired with ‘Brillant’, as it’ll outlast the lipstick, leaving behind a slight ring – best if it’s used all over the lips as a primer of sorts, before adding ‘Brillant’ on top.


‘Vegas Gold’ on the left, ‘Brillant’ on the right

And now for the “star” (pun intended!) of this collection, Iridescent Powders for Eyes and Cheeks in ‘Lucky Stripes’ – a stunning combination of  brown/bronze, peach, gold and white striped powders, strewn with embossed 8-pointed stars, all in one palette.  I was most interested to see and play with this beauty and I was so NOT disappointed!  The quality of the powder is very finely milled, with almost no powder kickback, and while the individual shades may appear rather glittery, on the skin that translates more into a sheen finish.  Lasting power was impressive as well, especially for such light shades, staying in place easily for a full 7 hours before any significant fading. I must comment on the angled & bevelled brush that is included with this compact – I love it! The quality of the bristles is superb and the chiseled end, along with its thin profile, means that you can easily swipe each colour of the palette individually if so desired, or swirled together for a more combined distribution of colour.

with its accompanying bevelled brush


the four individual colours in sunlight

the four individual colours with flash

all the shades blended (in sunlight)

all the shades blended (with flash)

seen indoors, blended on the far right

For the following looks, I was curious to see how versatile this palette truly is; after all, it’s said to be for both cheeks & eyes, and so I wanted to see if it could be a “one-size-fits-all” type of product.  The verdict: IT IS!!

On the eyes: I applied the peach tone all over the lid to the socket line, then used the darkest (bronze) shade on the outer corner of the eye and the socket line for more definition, then along the outer 2/3 of the lower lash line. The gold shade was patted onto the upper inner corner of the eye lid and along the bottom inner corner lash line, with the white hue swept along the brow bone for highlight.  I added a few swipes of ‘Vegas Gold’ to the inner corner of the eye for some more sparkle, and lined the upper eye lid with the darkest shade – dampened.  The look was completed with 2 coats of Armani Eyes To Kill Excess Mascara.

On the cheeks: Swirling all four shades together, I applied them lightly as a golden bronzer to the cheeks, bridge of the nose and along the contours of the face, then I went back and used the peachier hue on the apples of the cheeks, finally ending with a light swipe of the white hue as a highlighter across the top of the cheekbones.

The lips were completed by lining with ‘Vegas Gold’ and layering several coats of ‘Brillant’ on top.

Final thoughts: For me, the only item of this collection I could have left behind, is easily the lip liner, although that being said, I don’t have any other gold liner in my stash, so at least from that perspective, this item is unique. The lipstick is a bit of an indulgence as well, but I have found it to be exceptionally flattering on my warm-leaning skin tone, and from the entire collection, it is the one item that is seeing the most use so far – something I’m positive would never have occurred had this lipstick shade been more opaque.  The compact is stunning, both visually and in terms of quality, and while it may be a touch too shimmery for use as an everyday bronzer, it has enough colour variation that it lends itself well to being easily used, regardless of your skin tone.  As to the varnish, I believe I have finally found a gold shade that A) doesn’t clash with my skin (those pesky green tinges!) and B) manages to look both modern & elegant, even with the inclusion of some bling.  Overall, the CHANEL collector in me is quite happy!

I leave you with two final photos of the duality that is Las Vegas – enjoy!

Vegas strip at night (source)

Vegas majestic desert at sunset