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eos – evolution of smooth

eos opener


Having risen quickly through the ranks of beauty products to cult status with their Smooth Sphere Lip Balms (little irresistible balls of cuteness, if you ask me), eos™ also offers products for the rest of your body – after all, why should lips be the only benefactor of smooth soft skin?

eos Shave Balm

Shave Cream (207 ml/7 fl. oz CAN $3.99) – Available in Sensitive (fragrance free), Pomegranate Raspberry, and Vanilla Bliss (not shown), and housed in an ergonomically shaped plastic bottle with a propellant-free dispensing system. According to the company:

  • keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours (even after rinsing!)
  • so emollient that you can shave wet or dry
  • provides a close shave to help prevent razor bumps
  • paraben-free formula
  • not tested on animals
  • no animal by-products

Key ingredients include:

  • Aloe – soothes, moisturizes and heals
  • Natural Conditioning Oils – to give razors a smooth glide & provide long-lasting moisture
  • Oat – protects delicate, dry, sensitive & irritated skin
  • Shea Butter – softens and nourishes
  • Vitamins E & C – rejuvenating antioxidants for healthy looking, radiant skin

My thoughts: I multi-task even while showering, in that I’ve been using my body wash to shave with as well as clean. Or maybe I’m just lazy. I’ve tried using shave foams & gels, but I really don’t like how thick they are – makes me feel like I’m ploughing my razor through mega snow-drifts or something. Then there’s the dreaded ring of rust that cans of conventional shave cream usually leave on your bathtub ledge *glares*. Well, the eos™ Shave Cream has none of these negatives; with its grip-friendly bottle (ever drop a razor and/or a slippery can of shave cream while showering? Yeah … I thought so), and easy to use dispenser, this cream has just the perfect amount of density to spread in an evenly smooth layer along your skin. After rinsing, my skin felt clean, not tight, and stayed soft & hydrated long after I towelled off. If you’re a fan of fruity scents, then you’ll love the Pomegranate Raspberry version, although I personally lean more towards anything & everything vanilla-scented. For those with fragrance sensitivities, or even if you simply prefer your body care products more on the neutral side, then the Unscented version is absolutely perfect, as well as Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Tested.

eos Shave Cream dispenser

eos™ – Shave Cream (easy access dispenser system)

eos Shave Cream ingredients

eos™ – Shave Cream (ingredients list, click to enlarge)

eos Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion (44 ml/1.5 fl. oz CAN $3.99) – Available in Berry Blossom (smells like ripe strawberries), Cucumber (I feel like it smells more like a cross between cucumber and watermelon), and Fresh Flowers (almost neutral – reminds me of the colour white. I’m not sure why, but it does). These lotions come in a unique and ergonomic pebble-shaped design, with convenient flip-top caps (great for one-handed use). According to the company:

  • small enough to fit in your purse, pocket, or desk
  • non-greasy, fast-absorbing and with long-lasting moisture
  • dermatologist tested & hypoallergenic
  • paraben-free formula
  • not tested on animals
  • no animal by-products

Key ingredients include:

  • Aloe – soothes, moisturizes & heals
  • Oat – protects delicate, dry, sensitive, and irritated skin
  • Shea Butter – softens and nourishes
  • Vitamins E & C – powerful antioxidants that rejuvenate and hydrate for healthy-looking, radiant skin

My thoughts: The feel of each lotion is lightweight and totally non-greasy (almost cool to the touch, actually), and was absorbed nice & quick. The hydrated feeling seemed to last quite well, although not through frequent hand washings, which was fine as I prefer to reapply my hand cream throughout the day. Scent-wise, I didn’t find any of these overpowering, but my personal preference is for anything non-fruity, so my favourite was Fresh Flowers followed by Cucumber. While the container is a great size and you can be used one-handed, there could be a tendency for some of the lotion to collect in the lid – a little annoying, but that issue becomes less so as more product is used up.

eos Hand Lotion dispenser

eos™ – Hand Lotion (Cucumber, Fresh Flowers & Berry Blossom)

eos Hand Lotion ingredients

eos™ – Hand Lotion (ingredients list)

eos lip balm

Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Pomegranate Raspberry shown, also available in Blueberry Acaï, Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Medicated Tangerine, and Lemon Drop – as well as some seasonal limited edition flavours. These dome shaped balms come housed in a round plastic casing with a convenient thumb indentation for easy access of the twist-off top. According to the company, each balm:

  • provides long-lasting moisture
  • applies clear
  • precisely glides across lips
  • gluten-free
  • paraben-free
  • petrolatum-free
  • phthalate-free

Key ingredients include:

Olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Shea Butter, pomegranate seed oil, sunflower seed oil, raspberry leaf extract


My thoughts: Before trying this balm out for myself, I wasn’t sure if the hype about them was just that: hype. I’m happy to report that not only do they provide a full-on sensation of well hydrated lips, but they do so without that nasty waxy feeling you get with other balms. You know you’re a total newb when it comes to eos™ lip balms, however, when you don’t apply them the way they’re meant to: by holding the bottom portion then running it along your lips. I initially tried by using my fingers. Much hysterical laughter & finger-pointing from my daughter, followed. The only negative, for me at least, is what makes these so darn cute in the first place: the round shape is a touch on the bulky side, but that’s certainly not a deal-breaker (although you do have to get creative with your application technique once the balm itself becomes level with the container).

I must say that overall, I am quite impressed with these products; many beneficial ingredients, well thought-out container designs, excellent effectiveness, and extremely affordable price points, make them totally worth checking out and investing in.

PS: These lip balms and/or hand lotions – another great stocking stuffer idea. Just sayin’…

In Canada, eos™ products can be purchased through major retailers, including: London Drugs, Chapters/Indigo, Jean Coutu (Québec), Rexall, Loblaw’s, Uniprix (I’ve also found the lip balms through Pharmaprix/Shopper’s Drug Mart and Costco). Find more information via: website/twitter/facebook

eos closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration