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Essie ‘Velvet Voyeur’ vs. OPI ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ vs. Essie ‘Luxedo’



With Essie’s latest two releases, namely the fall and winter collections respectively, we saw the inclusion of a vampy shade in each, with ‘Velvet Voyeur’ for fall and ‘Luxedo’ in the winter collection.  My first thought on viewing both was that they bore a striking resemblance to OPI’s ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ and so I decided to compare the three. Upon looking at the three together, it’s almost as if LPAD is a perfect combination of the other two, but the application showed otherwise!

What I noticed with the first coat, was that Velvet Voyeur had the most plum tone, LPAD was the lightest with a brighter berry base and Luxedo definitely had more of a prune base, being the obvious darkest of the three.


ring: Velvet Voyeur, middle: LPAD, index: Luxedo


The second coat saw Velvet Voyeur and Luxedo almost opaque with Velvet Voyeur having hints of mauve while Luxedo had deepened to a more burgundy shade.  LPAD was still the most ‘berry’ and sheerest in application of the three.


ring: Velvet Voyeur, middle: LPAD, index: Luxedo


With the final and 3rd coat, Velvet Voyeur reached its full potential of deep mauve, Luxedo finished up as a blackened prune, while LPAD’s final look was a deep mauve as well but with definite notes of berry/burgundy in its depths.  Of the three, Velvet Voyeur had the easiest application but still a touch streaky, Luxedo had the thickest formula and LPAD was the thinnest in consistency but the streakiest. I do feel that all three shades require 3 coats for maximum coverage as you can clearly see bald patches if left with just 2 coats. I used OPI’s Start to Finish Base Coat but left out top coat for the pictures (please excuse the less than perfect application and tiny bit of cotton fluff stuck to my index finger! That’s what you get when you rush things!)


ring: Velvet Voyeur, middle: LPAD, index: Luxedo (in sunlight)


ring: Velvet Voyeur, middle: LPAD, index: Luxedo


Final thoughts: When all three shades were dry, it was almost impossible to tell Velvet Voyeur and Lincoln Park After Dark apart.  While Luxedo was very close in tone, you could still tell that it was by far the darkest of the three.  If you don’t have LPAD, then Velvet Voyeur is, in my opinion, almost an exact match — perhaps not with the first coat, but certainly by the last. Also, depending on what kind of brush you like to use, it might determine your choice: OPI has a much wider brush giving you faster coverage but can be difficult for those with narrower nails, while Essie’s brush is thinner & daintier, requiring more strokes for full application but easier to control and more suitable for smaller/narrower nails.