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The holidays may have come & gone, but for many the travel season has only just begun (can you think of a better way to break up the Winter blahs than with a quick getaway? Didn’t think so). Something that I frequently omit packing is sunscreen, and on my last visit at Montréal’s The Loop Duty Free store, I was actually quite surprised by the suncare options available, ranging from mass market all the way to luxury.

The other point brought home to me, was that while I may pack a year’s worth of skincare every time I travel, my stash usually ends up getting shared with my husband; well, that practice is about to end my beauties, because if my man ain’t packing his own moisturizers, at least he can still get hooked up at The Loop prior to departure. Seriously; there are probably as many skincare choices for men as for women available at this store.

And if you need even one more teeny incentive to make a stop at this beauty mecca, then this will surely be it: La Mer at 25% off. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s true — and if you’ve been wanting to try something from this über-luxe brand but the scary price tag has kept you away, it doesn’t get sweeter than this. As always, the prices at The Loop are minimum 20% off downtown retailers (with the exception of MAC at 15% off) and NO TAX. What you see, is really what you pay. Almost brings tears of joy, doesn’t it?

TIP: travellers can also pre-order their purchases through The Loop‘s website, then simply show up, pay & go!

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Everything about this sunny palette has me in a vay-cay frame of mind

How fabulous is this armada of Biotherm sun & body care?

I don’t know what an Exfoliating Tonic is, but I really want one …

… why does the act of shaving seem so much more enticing using men’s stuff? 

Notice the sign at the top? Right?RIGHT?

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