The Loop Duty Free · Hockey Fever in the city … and more!


Hockey borders on religion in Canada, and that’s clearly evident here in Montréal now that playoff season is upon us and our beloved Habs (aka: the Montréal Canadiens, hockey’s oldest team #habsfanforlife) are in. Even the airport has gotten into the spirit by switching up the usual sign to display the Bleu-Blanc-RougeGO HABS GO!



Not to be outdone, The Loop Duty Free proudly displays this city’s team colours all year round, I might add, and if there’s one thing you absolutely need to pick up when visiting beautiful Montréal, it has to be some kind of hockey memorabilia. And maple syrup — lots and lots of maple syrup! I personally guarantee that it’s THE best maple syrup in the galaxy and one taste is all it takes to get hooked. The past few posts I’ve chosen to focus on the beauty end of things that this store has to offer and while I still gravitate there with every visit, I really wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the other fabulous goodies you can score and at the healthy discounts offered, why would you not want to indulge? But don’t take my word for it: next time your’e travelling to/from Montréal, do yourself a favour and go check out The Loop; just give yourself enough time to explore because it’s so easy to forget everything else once you’re in there (i.e.: your flight,lol). By the way, remember that all products are minimum 20% off downtown retail prices, with the exception of MAC that’s 15% off — and no taxes. So, so sweet.

TIP: travellers can also pre-order their purchases through The Loop’website, then simply show up, pay & go!

Stay tuned to be “in The Loop” as I continue to explore this amazing store!

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This is Canada’s hockey city: even the airport sign is paying tribute to our Habs!

C’mon: you know you can resist one of these cuties

About to enter one of my happy places ( I actually hate leaving this store …)

Be still my heart: an entire wall dedicated to MAC’s primers? And two types that are exclusive to The Loop? I die …

… two seconds later and I’m texting everyone I know about this

And can we talk about the fact that basically all the latest from MAC can be found here too? Not to mention limited edition items that are sold out everywhere else

Victoria’s Secret is giving me all kinds of Summer feels

It’s all in the details, plus how gorgeous will this look on anyone’s dresser?

Not staged: I actually really was sniffing this (and liking it, I might add)

The latest from Armani and already at The Loop — colour me impressed

The best kind of floral arrangement, no?

Body Butter Bonanza (say that fast 10 times)

For the record, I’m a little obsessed with my Clarisonic (and see that sign? 20% off!!)

They call me the ‘fish whisperer’…

You haven’t lived until you’ve had Québec maple syrup. For real.

… yes, we take our maple syrup very seriously (and with good reason)

This one’s for the sunglass fetishists (guilty)

Organizing goals. SCOOP: there’s to be a huge relaunch of this boutique on May 17!

‘Tax Free Zone’: this sign never gets old & makes my heart/wallet sing

What are your thoughts, beautiful?

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