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On my most recent pilgrimage to The Loop, I was sidetracked from my usual beauty foraging and wandered off instead into the newly renovated Rudsak boutique. Launched in 1994 here in my hometown of Montréal by Evik Asatoorian, it all began with an iconic black leather jacket which then went on to spawn a brand empire that now includes leather fashion, luxury sportswear, as well as accessories for women, men, & children. I actually fell quite hard for this gorgeous chocolate-leather travel bag and I swear that if I were travelling at that very moment, I would have scooped it up in a heartbeat (and at 20% off + no tax, it’s practically a steal) then promptly ditched every other bag I had. Sigh ….



Back in the day, I remember duty free stores as carrying merchandise that was pretty much way past its prime, so to speak, but here’s the other pleasant surprise at The Loop: how current their stock actually is. For instance, we all know that MAC spits out collections faster than you can blink, so it’s always a bit of a shocker when I walk in to The Loop and see that they’re actually up to speed with the latest releases. The day I was there, the store also had a huge promotion going centred around Guerlain’s newest fragrance, Mon Guerlain (one of my absolutely current faves — wearing it right now, in fact) and apart from the discounted price, they had a flash tattoo station set up to help one channel a bit of muse Angelina Jolie’s badass-ness, albeit in a very luxe way. I couldn’t resist and had to get one done. Ok, I had two done.
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The icing on the cake, however, came when I found out that even a duty-free store can have a sale … and that’s on top of the already-discounted pricing. Does it get sweeter than that? If you’re travelling through Montréal right now, don’t forget to stop off at The Loop to check out the amazing selection of products and even more impressive pricing (which is minimum 20% less than downtown retailers, with the exception of MAC at 15% less — and no tax!).

TIP: travellers can also pre-order their purchases through The Loop’website, then simply show up, pay & go!

Stay tuned to be “in The Loop” as I continue to explore this amazing store!

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I love hats. So why don’t I wear them more often?

Pretty, am I right?


Give a girl options …

Caught in selfie mode


A beauty rainbow



It took me all of 2 seconds to decide what I wanted

Delicate yet evocative … exactly like the fragrance




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