The Loop Duty Free Montréal Gearing Up For National Lipstick Day


Apparently July 29 is National Lipstick Day, and my beauty-loving self couldn’t be happier! As a result, I couldn’t help but notice the amazing selection of lipstick options during my recent visit to The Loop Duty Free Montréal; I say options, because while lipstick will always be a beauty rock star, it now comes in so many new permutations and textures, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. All the luxury brands are duly represented at The Loop – some I’m actually not permitted to show (starts with a C and ends with an L), but rest assured that they’re most definitely available there, and even with the mid-priced brands you’ve got plenty of choices. But the very best part — especially for the beauty obsessed such as moi, is the fact that everything is at least 20% less than downtown retailers (with the exception of MAC which is at 15% less), and no tax. Say it with me: NO TAX.


Oh, and that’s Barry the Canadian Black Bear in the opening photo — what do think of the colour I chose for him? #noshame


TIP: travellers can also pre-order their purchases through The Loop’website, then simply show up, pay & go!

Stay tuned to be “in The Loop” as I continue to explore this amazing store!

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Lancôme’s Juicy Shakers are hands down THE most fun lippies

oh, haiiiii Kendall

For the multi-taskers: lips & cheeks done with one product

Busted with handfuls of beauty booty

Goals: owning an entire wall of Armani lip options

Oh, and Armani’s entire collection of Lip Magnets are there too

Dior love

Not to be outdone, some Guerlain love too

… then there’s Rouge in Love (I sense a theme here)

Couldn’t resist leaving my mark while testing Québec brewed Pur Vodka

Capturing the unique jazzy vibe of Montréal’s own Kite Trio

Naturally, a photo op follows



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