The Loop Duty Free Montréal March Madness Is Here


During my last photo trip at The Loop Duty Free, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Or a beauty addict in a makeup store, would probably be more accurate … but I digress. This premiere duty-free store located at Montréal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, had transformed into a carnival of colour with tons photo ops to be had. For example, see above: I mean, it’s a bear in a hula skirt complete with a lei — how can anyone resist?


Something interesting occurred to me as I was perusing the aisles, and I wish I had been travelling at that moment so I could put it to the test, and that was how you don’t need to waste precious time getting your makeup ready pre-travel, because everything you need can be found at The Loop. Don’t believe me? Read on for proof. By the way, remember that all products are minimum 20% off downtown retail prices, with the exception of MAC that’s 15% off — and no taxes. I’ll never get tired of writing/reading that.

TIP: travellers can also pre-order their purchases through The Loop’website, then simply show up, pay & go!

Stay tuned to be “in The Loop” as I continue to explore this amazing store!

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It’s a tough choice; booze or beauty? What to do …

Doesn’t get more Canadian than this, folks — unless I throw in a can of maple syrup

Let’s say that while frantically preparing your bags, you somehow ran out of time to get your “face” on; well, as the above photo shows, pretty much everything you need to make yourself travel-presentable can be found at The Loop – and with the exception of the mascara, everything is effortless “finger makeup” i.e: no tools required. TIP: ask the counter staff to gently clean any products you intend to…ahem…test. Wink, wink.

So you packed all your fave resort-wear, then realized you forgot some key items; never fear, The Loop has you covered — literally. For example, the choice of sunscreens at this store borders on staggering and of options, you’ve got plenty. There are even exclusive kits available here that you won’t find anywhere else, filled with all your suncare essentials: face, body & after sun products. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in some Havaiana flip-flops and a [Canada]water bottle so that you can literally hit the beach the second you drop your bags off. All vacations need to be so effortless, no?

One you drink, one you wear … don’t mix them up

An OMG moment: I’ve never seen these masks before (how has this happened?) and when I came upon an entire display filled with these travel-friendly pouches, I actually came to a full stop. And stared. A lot. For anyone not into packing a ton of skincare products, how’s this for a convenient option? Or if you’re just getting away for a long weekend (lucky you), one of these is all you need and the choices — once again — are vast, with a mask to suit and treat all skin types. Or maybe you want to pick up a few for emergencies, like say you went a little overboard partying on the beach and need to give your skin a pick-me-up. Just saying. #notjudging

Oh, and while you’re busy pampering your face, hair & body, don’t neglect your hands and feet –they’ll thank you for the love, believe me.

How about a quick spritz of this latest fragrance from Victoria’s Secret for a ‘finishing touch’? I can’t be blamed if you decide to pick up a bottle, however

I may or may not have actually gone into cardiac arrest when I spotted this display. Why, you might ask? Because this collection was never released in Canada and neither could us Canadians purchase online through Dior’s website (apparently our money isn’t good enough … grumble, grumble), but The Loop has it. I repeat: THE LOOP HAS THIS COLLECTION.

This picture makes my organizing-obsessed soul so happy #BeautyGoals

Spotted: brand new at The Loop’s MAC counter & available ONLY there: Look in a Box, the lip editions

The day I was there, a mini carnival parade was going on. The March Madness is real, people

In my native habitat & with my weapon of choice

How convenient that there was an alcohol tasting set up; I couldn’t think of a more fun way to end the day. What? I was officially off-duty …

Many thanks to The Loop for partnering to sponsor this post/As always, all opinions are my own

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