Tiffany Fragrances · Eau de Parfum Intense & Eau de Toilette Sheer

Receiving an iconic blue box from Tiffany & Co. is something that never fails to excite me — and as you can see by the amount of boxes in the above photo (of which this is just a portion — yikes!), I’ve obviously been quite spoiled. When the brand launched their bespoke fragrance last year (reviewed here), it was as though they heard my wish & created a scent that can best be described as ‘quiet luxury‘ aka: so very Tiffany, indeed. So how do you improve on a classic? By giving it a couple of siblings via an Intense version and the latest iteration, Sheer. And since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I’d say you can start dropping some hints right about now.

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The Tiffany Fragrance Trio & friends

Eau de Parfum Intense (CAN $165.00/2.5 fl.oz, 75 ml) | Launched in late Fall of 2018, Intense is a richer and deeper version of the signature fragrance. Created by perfumer Daniela Andrier, the glass flacon bears the same faceted appearance as the original bottle, inspired by the house’s iconic diamond cut, while the stopper is banded in silver and stamped with the Tiffany name. Another difference that makes it easy to pick this one out from the Eau de Parfum, is that the liquid has a subtle blue tint to it — in homage to the brand’s well-known colour.

The notes include: Verte de Mandarine & Pink Peppercorn (top), Noble Iris (heart), followed by Amber & Benzoin (base) — to name but a few.

Where the original Eau de Parfum had a transparency to it, Intense definitely dives deeper into a muskier side, although the Iris soliflore still remains at the core. It opens up with a green herbal tone and within a few minutes begins to soften out, allowing the powdery note of the Iris to make its presence known — but in a soft way that manages to never overpower. The gorgeous finale is when the resinous warmth of the amber & vanilla notes kick in, ending it all in a comforting but very seductive way that makes you want to lean in for one last sniff.

Eau de Toilette Sheer (CAN $135.00/2.5 fl.oz, 75 ml) | The newest addition to the Tiffany fragrance family, Sheer is definitely a strong contender as the scent I’ll be reaching for once the warmer weather finally hits. Listed as a “bright & sparkling” version of the original, the glass flacon is the same as that of its siblings but differs from the Eau de Parfum via a stainless steel engraved collar at the base of the cap. Also crafted by perfumer Daniela Andrier, it starts out with notes of Blackcurrant, Verte de Mandarine, and Ylang-Ylang (top), which are then beautifully balanced out by Rose Oil (heart), and finally winds down with Iris (base), the hero component of this scent — as well as being the unifying note throughout all three fragrances.

There’s a light, fresh vibe with this fragrance and after the initial fruitiness dissipates, the scent reminds me of sun-warmed skin rounded out by the Rose Oil which serves to give it a soft floral kiss. It’s definitely more green than either of the other two and still retains the barest whisper of powdery-ness, but merged with the other notes in a way that is balanced and so easy to wear.

The world of scent is incredibly personal and every time I write one of these posts, I always feel I need to add a disclaimer of sorts aka: what works for me, may not work for you (& vice versa). That said, I really appreciate that these Tiffany fragrances all appear to have had quite a bit of thought behind their creation and and I can’t really find fault with any of them. The original Eau de Parfum is still a favourite and everything I always imagined what a bottled version of this iconic store would smell like (refined, comes to mind). Intense checks off so many boxes with regards to my love of anything vanilla/amber-ish, and has enough earthiness to it that it can probably work beautifully on men as well. Sheer is fun, flirty, playful and not as deep a commitment — exactly the way I like my Summertime fragrances to be. All in all, any (or all) may absolutely be perfect for Valentine’s Day (and will last a hell of a lot longer than flowers), but why wait to spoil yourself?

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Kindly provided by Tiffany & Co. for my unbiased consideration
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