To try now: Beauty from CHANEL Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021

This past January 26th, CHANEL held their Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021 show at Paris’ Grand Palais (the Maison’s venue of choice, I might add) and even with all the Covid safety measures in place, there was clearly an air of joy & unity present. The theme was that of a family wedding where generations all gathered to share the love, while the crowning moment was the bride (naturally), who came in on a white horse … as one does. But despite every single breathtaking look that came down the runway, I was captivated by the effortless beauty — beauty that may have leaned on the minimal style (we can’t compete with the fashion, n’est-ce pas?), but also so very wearable by all.

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“I knew we couldn’t organise a big show, that we would have to invent something else, so I came up with the idea of a small cortege that would come down the stairs of the Grand Palais and pass beneath arches of flowers. Like a family celebration, a wedding…”

Virginie Viard, setting the tone for the Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture collection.

“I love big family reunions, when the generations all come together. It’s so warm. There’s this spirit at Chanel today. Because Chanel is also like a family.” A spirit to be celebrated more than ever with the reopening, at the same time, of the Haute Couture Salons at 31 rue Cambon, redecorated by Jacques Grange and inspired by the very feminine charm of the original salons imagined by Gabrielle Chanel, complete with her Coromandel screens and “wheat sheaves” tables by Goossens. At the foot of the mythical staircase swathed in mirrors, “I wanted to bring the models together for family photos, like those you can see in photo albums,” Virginie Viard. 

After prepping the skin with Hydra Beauty Micro-Sérum and Hydra Beauty Camellia Water Cream, Lucia Pica gave the models a softened version of a smokey eye, paired with defined brows and a natural looking flush along the cheeks. Lips were neutral with just a whisper of colour, while nails displayed a clean and elegant look via cult-fave shade Ballerina. Hair stayed fuss-free, parted in the middle and tied back into a low pony with floral crowns completing the ethereal effect. Simple, effective, and so easy to recreate — all qualities that I personally love. Before you ask, note that Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder was used as blush.

  1. Hydra Beauty Camellia Water Cream
  2. Hydra Beauty Micro-Sérum
  3. Ultra Le Teint Ultrawear Compact Foundation
  4. Le Correcteur de CHANEL Concealer
  5. Éclat Lumière
  6. Les 4 Ombres N°308 Clair-Obscur
  7. Stylo Yeux Waterproof N°20 Espresso
  8. Stylo Sourcils Waterproof
  9. Le Gel Sourcils
  10. Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder
  11. Baume Essentiel Transparent
  12. Le Crayon Lèvres N°162 Nude Brun
  13. La Base
  14. Le Vernis N°167 Ballerina
  15. Le Gel Coat

Gives new meaning to “fresh as a daisy” — it’s like wearing Spring!

Something about this look reminds me of a dragonfly’s wings seen flittering through flowers

The bride might have just stepped out of a 1920s photo, with her veil, her long dress in ecru satin crêpe with a train, embroidered by Lesage with strass and pearl butterflies, plus a wing collar and shirt cuffs” — I have to also add that this exquisite dress is not only bridal-worthy, but I can also see it being repurposed long after the special day as well.

The horse that may or may not have actually stolen the show …

Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture Collection CHANEL Backstage CHANEL Makeup
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