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Heads up my beauties, because there’s a new lipstick player in town and you’ll want to pay attention. Created by the Barillaro sisters (Maria & Vicki) right here in my hometown of beautiful Montréal, the concept behind TōN Cosmetics is simple yet positively genius: to decode the beauty world and help you find your perfect colour match. The breakout collection is centred around a ‘nude’ theme and as we all know, finding one’s neutral sweet spot is not always easy … until now, that is.



What makes this brand truly stand out for me (apart from the fact that I have a slight obsession with nude lippies and this collection totally sits in my wheelhouse), is many-sided; for starters, I love the fact that everything is made here in Canada. Secondly, you guys know I’m all about the details and that category hasn’t been overlooked here either. But above all, it always comes down to performance and this is where I’ve been impressed the most. A bonus feature is the quick test you can do on the website which will direct you to your perfect nude match; no more agonizing over which shade to go for!

Oh, and because I love sharing amazing new finds with you all, TōN Cosmetics has kindly provided a discount code for all my readers; simply enter OMMO20 at checkout and recieve 20% off the already amazing price of CAN $19.00/US $15.50 (each).

This promotion is available to Canadian and US residents only (and in case you’re wondering, I do NOT receive a cut — this is all for you guys!)


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The originality in packaging begins with the outer box and its unique hexagonal closure, followed by the pristine casing of each lipstick that’s capped with a [faux] jewel on top. Tell me you don’t want to pull these out in public just to show them off …

The formula is infused with hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E, as well as being free of formaldehydes and parabens, for a product that feels completely hydrating upon the lips. The fragrance is pleasant and light and reminds me of yummy chocolate (almost a softer version of the MAC classic scent), while the texture literally glides effortlessly along the lips, almost seeming to fill in lip lines as it goes. Most come in a cream finish which is actually opaque from the first swipe — and that includes the lightest shades (I know, right?) with a few displaying a soft shimmer that’s never frosty. As to staying power, colour me impressed once again, with the lightest shades giving you easily 3-4 hours of wear, while the darker hues lasting longer as well as fading to a light stain.

The Fair Group | I have a fair-medium complexion with a light golden undertone (I also tan easily), so it was with considerable surprise that I found I could wear basically all three of this group and not look washed out. What sorcery is this?

  • Cool 1 – neutralizes blue undertones, cream finish
  • Neutral 1 – balanced between pink & gold undertones, light shimmer finish
  • Warm 1 – peachy undertones, cream finish

The Medium Group | I knew going in that I would probably find a fave in the Medium Group; I didn’t expect to love all three. Hard. Do NOT ask me to pick a fave, because I can’t.

  • Cool 1 – pinkish hue to neutralize blue undertones, light shimmer finish
  • Neutral 1 – true & perfectly balanced nude, satin sheen finish
  • Warm 1 – beige undertone, cream finish

The Dark Group | Obviously all three of this group are rather deep against my skin tone, but they all have a neutrality about them that I love — not to mention making a perfect pairing against lighter eye makeup.

  • Cool 1 – berry beige undertone, cream finish
  • Neutral 1 – deep tan undertone, cream finish
  • Warm 1 – neutralizes peachy undertone, cream finish


Where beauty is concerned, my standards are high; where nude lipstick is concerned, my standards are even higher, since finding the right shade is quite the tricky beast. That said, I really appreciate how TōN Cosmetics takes the guesswork out of the equation with its quick test, thereby making it a breeze to find your match. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to try them all (hint: just use the promo code OMMO20 and go NUTS!)

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  1. Never heard of this brand but the swatches look impressive

    • Eugenia says:

      It’s a new brand! Happy to hear you liked the swatches (and everything wear beautifully, I might add) 🙂

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