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When Urban Decay first announced their collaboration with HBO’s Game of Thrones, my heart almost stopped: a beauty collection from one of my fave brands + my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE TV SERIES OF ALL TIME (yes, that deserved to be said in caps) = worlds colliding and in the best possible way. As a seriously massive fan of the show (I’ve even read all the books), I was beyond thrilled and when the collection finally arrived, and that feeling has grown exponentially upon playing with all the pieces. The game is most definitely ON.

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Even the packaging & product names do not disappoint

The collection (minus the 2 brushes) in all its glory

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen … THE power couple (but …)

When I learned that the collection was headed my way, I immediately knew that I wanted to do something special and then it hit me: dragon eggs. Considering they’re hard to find (lol), I decided to make my own & while I considered painting them to match the ones on the show, I finally decided to leave them as is. I’m inordinately proud of how they turned out … does this mean I can also be called “The Mother of Dragons” now?

From the entire collection, I’d have to say that Urban Decay really went all out with the packaging of the eyeshadow palette. Both the exterior box and outer casing of the actual palette depict close-ups of the Iron Throne, along with the gold embossing of the Game of Thrones logo.

At first glance, the palette resembles a heavy tome and displays a map of Westeros along its “pages”.

Upon opening the cover/lid, you’ll find a quote from Daenerys Targaryen on the inside.

Pulling up on the ribbon tab reveals a 3D pop-up of the Iron Throne, along with a quote by Tyrion Lannister, Hand to the Queen.

The prize at the end of all this incredibly detailed packaging, is the palette itself, revealed by slipping it out the side via another ribbon tab.

Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette (CAN $77.00) | Comprised of 20 eyeshadow shades in total, they are divided into 4 quads that represent the 3 main Houses (Stark, Lannister & Targaryen, respectively) and one quad inspired by “defeating the White Walkers”. The 4 individual hues alongside are there as complement to each quad they’re with, and also serve as “transformer” shades; they add an entirely new element to whatever eyeshadow they’re applied over. As seen in the swatches below, the pigment level of each shade is absolutely stellar and all display excellent blendability, while staying power (over primer) is wonderful, with the colours staying true until removed.

The size of the palette is undeniably large, making it rather unwieldily to travel with — but that’s fine with me, as I have no intention of risking this collector’s piece in any way. I initially found it puzzling that there are only 3 matte hues, but by playing with the shades I’ve realized that all 3 are versatile enough to work with the rest of the colours, thereby increasing their uses. The shimmers and glitters are all quite complex and absolutely beautiful, while the transformer shades can be worn applied over other shadows, on their own as a sheer wash, or with a dampened brush for amped up intensity & brilliance.

Defeating the White Walkers| This quad leans decidedly cool & wintry. The White Walker shade is utterly unique with its blue-pink prismatic shift, while Free Folk is a truly intense metallic silver. I was actually surprised by how sooty Take The Black is considering it has glittery bits, while Frozen North is just a stunning deep teal.

  • Take The Black – jet black with iridescent micro shimmer
  • White Walker – icy white with blue shift
  • Frozen North – deep teal with iridescent micro-shimmer
  • Free Folk – metallic silver

House Stark | The rich & warm leaning jewel tones of this quad make it distinct from the rest. Nymeria has a buttery texture along with rich pigmentation, looking equally good on its own or used as a transition shade in the crease, while the lush bronze of Winter Is Here helps to add definition and depth. Both Weirwood Leaves & The Sight are perfectly executed colours as depicted in the book, along with being the most stunning plum wine and forest green hues, respectively.

  • Nymeria – warm terracotta matte
  • Winter Is Here – dark brown with iridescent micro-shimmer
  • Weirwood Leaves – deep plum satin
  • The Sight – metallic green with iridescent micro-shimmer

House Lannister | Inspired by red, the signature colour of House Lannister, all 4 hues in this quad are completely in my wheelhouse. The brilliant copper of Red Keep and the complex shimmery bronze of Casterly Rock are both so visually arresting. Surprisingly, House Lannister has a surprisingly strong colour payoff considering that it appears as a light peach in the pan. Finally, Lannister Red is unbelievably pigmented (even if it does resemble the colour of dried blood, as creepy as that might sound — but so appropriate, all things considered).

  • Red Keep – warm copper metallic
  • Casterly Rock – dark bronze metallic
  • House Lannister – peach matte
  • Lannister Red – burgundy brick matte

House Targaryen | This last quad of the palette may have the most complex shimmers of them all, and portrays its royal status via the inclusion of both purple and gold hues. Stormborn, representative of Daenerys Targaryen’s birth during a wild stormy night, is a deep purple filled with stars (ok, it’s actually glitter, but stars sounds better), while Bend The Knee is an intricate lilac with a blue/green/pink shift that is as hard to pin down as the Khaleesi herself. The utter brilliance of Dothraki pays homage to the gold revered by the Horse Clans, and truly applies like molten gold. Lastly, House Targaryen seems to combine the best of both gold & purple, creating an entirely new shade in the process.

  • Stormborn – purple metallic with iridescent micro-shimmer
  • House Targaryen – pale rose-gold metallic
  • Dothraki – metallic gold
  • Bend The Knee – lilac with a blue shift

Transformer Shades | Beside each quad is a stand alone “transformer” hue, created as a complement to each foursome but with the ability to be worn alone as well. In the above photo each has been heavily swatched to better bring out the complexity of each colour, but they can easily be applied in a much lighter fashion — which in turn adds an entirely new dimension to whatever they’re worn over.

  • Hardhome – sparkling white
  • Winterfell – antique gold
  • King’s Landing – pale gold
  • Bay Of Dragons – sparkling pink

Game Of Thrones 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils (CAN $25.50/each) | When it comes to eye liners, Urban Decay has it locked down with the 24/7 Glide On format. Each pencil is long lasting and safe to wear even along the waterline, and all have excellent colour payoff. As far as blending out goes, I suggest working one eye at a time for that, because once these set, they’re definitely there for the duration. Of the four, the shade that stands out the most is hands down Winterfell Snow, and while capturing all its facets on camera is near impossible, the crystalline effect it imparts is truly ethereal.

Game of Thrones Vice Lipsticks (CAN $23.00/each) | With exterior casings depicting each House’s sigil and representing 3 of the powerhouse women in the series with the 4th oddly enough drawing inspiration from a completely unexpected source, the four lipsticks of this collection come in the brand’s Vice format and offer up 3 finishes: sheer, metallized and matte. The textures on all are buttery smooth and with the exception of Sansa Stark which has a mid-sheer finish, they display excellent staying power as well. As they are all within the same colour family, you can even layer them up to create entirely new lip combos, thus increasing their versatility.

Game of Thrones Dragon’s Dracarys Blood Lip & Cheek Tint (CAN $35.00) | Inspired by the High Valerian command for “dragonfire” (“dracarys“), this universally flattering tint can be worn along either lips or cheeks. Don’t let the blood-red colour throw you off; this slightly viscous liquid lays down as a sheer veil, although you can still build it up to a certain degree. On lips it provides a healthy-looking flush of colour and seems to sink in leaving a nice stain with relatively good staying power. There’s a bit of a learning curve in applying it to cheeks and while fingers can do the job, I found that a flat & dense synthetic brush makes for a more even application.

I can stare at the iridescent scale design of this packaging all day long

Game of Thrones Mother Of Dragons Highlighting Palette (CAN $45.00) | Housed in a sturdy cardboard compact that comes with a metallic closure, the iridescent raised dragon scale design on the exterior is absolutely stunning. On the inside are three new highlighting shades in the brand’s Afterglow formula, each embossed with a “dragon egg” and which draw inspiration from Daenerys Targaryen’s 3 dragons. Created to provide up to 8 hours of wear, you can add to their staying power by applying them over primer/foundation. The silky texture blends out easily along the skin and all lay down smoothly, leaving behind a gorgeous glow that doesn’t appear to emphasize pores.

  • Drogon – icy pink
  • Viserion – metallic golden nude
  • Rhaegal – metallic bronze


By this point, it’s clearly obvious that I’m loving each and every item of this collection and I feel that one doesn’t necessarily have to be a fan of Game of Thrones (or in my case, obsessed with) to appreciate these pieces; their performance speaks ‘volumes’ (see what I did there?!) and I refuse to pick a favourite, as I’m loving the entire collection. The 2 items I didn’t receive but will definitely be picking up, are the brushes from this collection as the collector in me won’t have it any other way. Final thoughts: well done, Urban Decay — you’ve done the novels proud.

Available online at Sephora April 26th, in store May 2nd and through www.urbandecay.ca

Kindly provided by Urban Decay for my unbiased consideration

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