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Right before Christmas, I received this Urban Decay Party Favor Moondust Palette (more on the name later on) as part of a L’Oréal Luxe box, and my first reaction was that it looked “fun”. Then I actually swatched it and I was all “WHOA” … a reaction that in turn prompted a more in-depth review, hence this post (duh, lol) — enjoy!

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You know, for a small-ish palette, this baby packs quite a bit of punch, starting from the outer BAM! packaging and the disco ball image on the inside — a definite hint at what’s to come.

Party Favor Moondust Palette (C $42.00) | A sidenote: online, this palette comes with “Moondust” in its title, but I can’t seem to find that anywhere on the one I received; the outer packaging of mine actually has “Eye & Face Palette” on it instead. Moving along … a while back, Urban Decay introduced their Moondust eyeshadow formula — loaded with megawatt brilliance, which in turn spawned other products in the range (the original palette from 2016 is reviewed here, while the liquid eyeshadows are reviewed here). The six shades of this palette are new and despite their outward sparkly appearance, happen to be easy to apply and all with surprisingly minimal fall down, (but how is this possible?). The colours are interesting as well and I totally get how they can be worn not only along the eyes but as highlighters as well, which does indeed substantiate the “eyes & face palette” name on the package. What’s also nice is that each comes with a translucent base that’s loaded with matching micro-sparkle, but you can still sheer them out for a light glimmering wash, or pack them on for a glow that can be seen from orbit. Using a dampened brush takes thing to a whole new level of brilliance as well — just make sure to use setting spray for the job so that your look remains undisturbed throughout wear. As to removal, I suggest using a dual phase remover and just note there will be some glitter spread, but it’s nothing that a second pass with a wipe or more remover can’t take care of.

  • Neon Moon – sheer grey with iridescent blue sparkle
  • Sugar High – sheer pink with iridescent pink sparkle
  • No Shame – sheer gold with pink and gold sparkle
  • Spaced – sheer brown with iridescent sparkle
  • Long Night – sheer rose brown with multi-coloured sparkle
  • Powder Trip – sheer copper with gold and pink sparkle

Party season is still going strong and once the weather warms up, we’ll soon be entering festival season, so if you’re in the market to add a glimmery palette to your makeup wardrobe, you’ll want to take a look at this little cutie. The shades all happen to be neutral-based and will therefore work great either on their own, or applied over your preferred shadows to amp them up. The best part is the texture; for anyone who’s shied away from the usual fall down seen on other glittery eyeshadows, Party Favor will definitely change your mind on that … and add some fun sparkle too.

Available at Sephora and online

Kindly provided by Urban Decay for my unbiased consideration


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