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Colour cosmetics may grab the lion’s share of attention, but let’s not forget about the soldiers working behind the scenes keeping everything in check, and to that end Urban Decay has recently launched an entire platoon (almost) of products that are there to support all your efforts. In addition, as the weather warms up that also means prom & wedding season will soon be upon us and THAT’s when you’ll want to be sure your makeup stays put … even if nothing else does.



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Prep Priming Spray (CAN $39.00/each) | Created in partnership with Skindinavia, these sprays come housed in neon-chartreuse soft-touch bottles with a sprayer designed to emit a calibrated microfine mist. Each can be used on cleansed skin prior to makeup, throughout the day (over makeup), or in the evening on cleansed skin prior to your usual skincare regimen.

  • B6 Vitamin Infused Prep Priming Spray – Originally launched in 2013, this spray is meant to soothe, prime, balance out the complexion, even skin tone and/or refresh the skin throughout the day (if needed). The spray comes out in an incredibly fine & lightweight mist (but it’ll take several pumps before you get it going — the first spritz might be a tad ‘wet’, so keep that in mind), and I feel an almost imperceptible tightening effect once it dries down, along with hints of Coppertone lotion from its fragrance. Noteworthy: the first spray to hold a patented stabilized form of topical Vitamin B6.
  • Quick Fix Hydra Charged Prep Priming Spray – Of the two, this is hands down my favourite as it’s infused with both Niacinamide and Coconut Water, the latter which gives this spray an AH-MAZING fragrance that I just can’t get enough of. Definitely the more moisturizing of the two, this is the better option for drier complexions, or anyone who’s just plain old addicted to anything beach-y.

Complexion Primer (CAN $38.00/each) | Urban Decay’s theory is that you can use any of these products individually, mix & match for your unique complexion, or even cocktail a bunch together. Once you’ve prepped with one of the primer sprays, now’s the time for the actual primer itself and there are 3 here to suit a variety of needs.

  • De-Slick Complexion Primer – This sheer nude formula contains veegum (a natural clay derivative) and silica (which can absorb up to 3 times its weight in oil) to help stop oily appearances in their tracks. Controls shine as well as helps makeup apply better/smoother, you can even spot-dab this over makeup during the day, if needed.
  • Self-Adjusting Complexion Primer – Made with micro-encapsulated beads of pigment in the formula, this primer goes on white-ish but adapts to your skin tone once you start blending it in. With conditioning Vitamin E and corn powder to aid in absorbing oil, it also serves to fill in fine lines & minimize the appearance of pores — basically creating a ‘soft-focus’ & almost burring effect on the skin, drying down to a light matte finish. Noteworthy: stop blending it into the skin once you’ve reached a match because the more you blend further, the more pigmentation will be released.
  • Optical Illusion Complexion Primer – If you’re looking to get your skin instantly flawless as well as Instagram-ready, then this is the primer you should reach for. Made with a luxurious blend of argan, rosehip, and meadowfoam seed oils for moisturizing & antioxidant benefits, along with Vitamin E for extra conditioning, this primer is like adding a blurring filter over your skin. The sheer pink/nude formula (which dries translucent) helps to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and pores via the help of optical blurring pigments, to leave behind a beautifully smooth finish.

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Makeup Setting Spray (CAN $39.00/each) | So you’ve tossed on your primer spray of choice, added primer, then spent precious time carefully applying your makeup (or possibly just thrown it on even); now all that’s left is to seal the deal so all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Developed in exclusive partnership with Skindinavia, these setting sprays have a groundbreaking new formula that features Temperature Control Technology that actually ‘lowers the temperature of your makeup to help it last longer’. How cool is that?

  • Chill Makeup Setting Spray – Features time-release technology that actually cools the surface of your makeup, helping it to last without smudging for a claimed 12 hours.
  • De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray – Helps to not only set your makeup, but to also control oil while deflecting from surface shine.
  • All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – Providing the longest wear time of them all (up to 16 hours), this is the spray you’ll want to turn to for makeup that stays looking pretty much the same ‘all night long’, so you don’t have to ever think about touch ups.


By now, it’s almost an automatic gesture for me to reach for a primer first & finish with a  setting spray and it’s refreshing to see that Urban Decay doesn’t see these steps as a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. I like having options and layering products for maximum results; it’s like a reward for all my efforts. My only complaint is with the packaging of all the sprays, in particular the large outer cap that covers a smaller inner cap; totally redundant and a complete waste — and so not in line with the whole green-friendly philosophy of the brand. Other than that, I’ve been loving both primer sprays (the fragrance of Quick Fix almost makes me deliriously happy) and both the Self-Adjusting and Optical Illusion primers have been getting quite the workout. I’ll be definitely reaching for the All Nighter setting spray soon and putting it through the rigorous test of a couple of family functions where I’m betting that it’ll help my makeup last through an evening of Greek dancing — I’ll be saving the Chill setting spray for warmer temps; pretty sure I’ll need a holster for it then, just to keep it handy.

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