Urban Decay · Wired Pressed Pigment Palette

Urban Decay has come out with many eye-catching palettes, but I’ve got to say that the new Wired Pressed Pigment Palette is positively retina-searing — and I mean that in a good way, of course. And while these eye-popping shades may be somewhat out of my comfort zone, I can’t help but want to go nuts with them. Don’t send help …

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Wired Pressed Pigment Palette (CAN $59.00) | Housed in a black hard plastic case with raised neon lettering, the shape reminds me of my old watercolour palettes — but with shades that are meant to be intentionally worn, as opposed to all the paint smears I used to end up with. The 10 shades have been conveniently divided and labelled: the 6 hues on the left are for the face, body & eyes, while the 4 on the right are meant strictly for face & body — primarily because of certain pigments they contain which are not deemed safe for eyes. These electrifying colours are all highly saturated and easy to blend although any excess should be tapped off your brush first to avoid fall down. That said, several do feel drier to the touch and might blend away more than expected; easily solved by applying a primer/base first. To really intensify each hue, I definitely recommend going in with a dampened brush or patting on with a finger as a dry brush will probably not yield as vivid a result as expected. The white shade can also serve in a transformative capacity to basically turn any of the rest into a pastel version of themselves. When worn over primer, staying power is quite good and since several shades may leave a stain behind, I do recommend using a dual-phase makeup remover to get rid of all traces.

  • Glitch – pure white matte
  • Chaos – bright indigo satin-matte
  • Shock – lilac satin-matte
  • Fluorescent – pale turquoise matte
  • Current – kelly green shimmer
  • Jolt – neon lime satin-matte

  • Gravity* – rich purple shimmer
  • Savage* – neon pink matte
  • Switch* – tangerine matte
  • Slowburn* – red-orange satin-matte

Even though neutrals are what I normally reach for, lately I’ve been playing with more colour — possibly brought on by Spring’s onset and the fact that we’re all still in lockdown and can use the brightness. But in a way, having nowhere to go is actually the perfect time to experiment with bold colours such as these, because why not? It’s only makeup after all and can easily be washed away … although you might not want to!

Available at Sephora & online

Kindly provided by Urban Decay for my unbiased consideration

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