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Urban Decay, the brand that has mastered the art of ‘naked-ness’, has recently released Aura Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body, a shimmery confection to help turn “faking it” into a good thing, and give you that patented ∗wink, wink∗ Naked glow – or just some strategically placed highlighting, if you prefer.


UD Aura Naked Illuminated

Aura Naked Illuminated (CAN $35.00)

The details: A rose-gold shimmery powder for face and body that is ‘baked on a terra cotta disc for 24 hours, then finished by hand – baking the powder gives it a high level of just-perfect shimmer and provides the colour payoff of a loose powder but with the convenience of a pressed powder‘. Generously sized and mounded for ease of use, the box is covered in a fabric that has a suede-like feel, closes securely with a magnetic clasp, bears a decent-sized mirror on the inner lid (along with a lovely marbleized pattern on the interior of the box) and has a separate compartment under the powder which houses a demi-lune synthetic haired brush.

What it does: This is an ultra-finely milled powder that is meant to be obvious; you can forget about any subtle highlighting here, as Aura is definitely an in-your-face type of product. But before dismissing this as “too damn sparkly”, I’m of the opinion that even shimmer-phobes can make this work – all you need is either a fan brush or a dual-fibred stippling brush, either of which can pick up a light amount of Aura’s fine powder quite easily (you don’t want to start with a lot), with the long & finer hairs that are typical of these types of brushes, and which effectively ‘trap’ the larger glitter/shimmer pieces. This method of application results in significantly less of the shimmery bits being deposited on your skin, a good tip to keep in mind if you own any other glittery face powders but have been avoiding using them for fear of the dreaded disco-ball effect.

My thoughts: I happen to be a bit of a highlighting fiend and love a touch of glow to my makeup look as I feel it opens & brightens up the face. That being said, the rose-gold colour of Aura works highly in its favour, as it provides a more natural-looking tone (sounds oxymoronic to describe shimmer as ‘natural-looking’, but that’s in comparison to cooler hued highlighters that can sometimes come off as too frosty). The powder itself is quite finely milled and magically does NOT seem to emphasize pores, and while the glitter pieces are visible, they are also the first to fade, all of which leaves the gorgeous glowy effect of the powder behind (TIP: you can also use a flat-topped kabuki style brush to buff Aura in and thus remove any large glitter pieces that way, as well as providing a more seamless look of this powder along the skin). Staying power was about right for this type of product, lasting about 8 hours before fading away.


UD Aura Naked Illuminated 2

Urban Decay | Aura Naked Illuminated

UD Aura Naked Illuminated 3


UD Aura Naked Illuminated brush


UD Aura Naked Illuminated macro

Urban Decay | Aura Naked Illuminated


UD Aura Naked Illuminated macro 2

Urban Decay | Aura Naked Illuminated


UD Aura Naked Illuminated profile

Urban Decay | Aura Naked Illuminated


UD Aura Naked Illuminated swatch

Urban Decay | Aura Naked Illuminated


Peruse any beauty/fashion magazine, watch any red-carpet event/award show, or scroll through social media feeds, and you can’t help but be mesmerized by the artfully-placed glow certain makeup looks display, all courtesy of highlighting products. Cream, gel, and liquid highlighters are all perfect for giving a more subtle luminosity, but when a bit more emphasis is need, nothing works better than a light dusting of a powder as radiant as Aura. And while slightly more glittery than I usually prefer, it all still seems to nevertheless come together beautifully, most likely because of that gorgeous rose-gold base.

Available now at Sephora, Sephora.ca and select Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix locations (Canada). Find more information via www.urbandecay.com

UD Aura Naked Illuminated closer

Product sample provided for my unbiased consideration

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