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Following in the footsteps of Urban Decay’s wildly successful Naked series, the brand has recently released Naked On The Run (CAN $54.00)- a limited edition palette which contains the essentials (minus foundation) needed to create a variety of looks, and all in a travel-sized format … that may require a slightly larger than average makeup bag to hold it, however.

There are several reasons why the Naked On The Run palette is a huge hit for me; to begin with, it’s priced extremely well, especially when you consider all that it comes with. The exterior casing of the compact is well crafted & strong (I’m not a fan of flimsy cardboard containers), with a gorgeous tortoisehsell-like design on the cover that can appear either more green or amber, depending on the angle and lighting. There is a full-sized mirror on the inner lid, and it closes securely with a magnetic clasp.

The fact that the Sesso Lipgloss (which is a full-sized version, I might add) comes in its own separate container, is something I consider is a huge plus as well, since palettes that hold lip/cream products alongside powdered ones, tend to have quite a bit of cross-contamination – something that is totally avoided in this case and which therefore keeps the integrity of all shades hygienic and intact.

The 5 eyeshadows of this palette, are in a word: superb. From the selection of totally wearable shades (which will suit a broad spectrum of skin tones) to the quality & pigmentation, Urban Decay has created something really special. Even the eyeliner is impressive, with its rich hue that veers close enough to black for drama, but with just the right amount of tint for a bit of colour – and I really do hope that it ends up becoming part of the permanent lineup.

Looking at the bronzer and blush in their respective pans had me a little skeptical as to whether they would suit my complexion, but once again I was happily surprised to find how well each shade complimented my skin tone. There’s even a highlighter, and in a shade that has just the right amount of colour in its base to work well with a large variety of skin tones, as well as a finely ground shimmer that will provide a beautiful glow and not anything overt or glittery. Lastly, the travel-sized tube of the Perversion mascara (previously reviewed here), is of a relatively good size and quantity, while the mascara itself bears an excellent formulation – as well as being one of the deepest black shades I’ve come across.


UD Naked On The Run upright

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run


UD Naked On The Run logo

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run


UD Naked On The Run

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run


UD Naked On The Run swatches

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, all products watched (except mascara)


UD Naked On The Run 2

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run


UD Naked On The Run macro

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run


UD Naked On The Run eyeshadows

  • Dive – rose gold, shimmer
  • Fix – camel/tan, matte
  • Resist – rich taupe, shimmer
  • Dare – milk chocolate, satin matte
  • Stun – bronze, golden shimmer

Each shade is beautifully pigmented and applies well, with very little powdery kickback upon swirling my brushes through the pans. Their velvety texture (even the ones with more obvious shimmer) also provides excellent blending capabilities, and worn over primer, staying power is easily 9-10 hours before any fading.


UD Naked On The Run eyeshadow swatches

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, eyeshadow swatches


UD Naked On The Run Bronzer & Blush

  • Bronzer – warm toned, slight orange tint in the base, satin matte
  • Blush – cool toned, barbie pink with peach hints in the base, light overall sheen

The bronzer shade leans more warm than cool (those with very fair complexions might find it a bit difficult to work with), and there’s a unique satin-like finish to this shade, which adds a beautiful overall luminosity, and prevents it from looking flat upon the skin.

The blush shade is a study in contradictions; what appears to be a blue-based and cooler leaning hue, also seems to bear a shot of peach in the base, helping this shade work equally well on warmer (as in more yellow-based) complexions, while its finely-milled shimmer gives just the right touch of glow to the skin.


UD Naked On The Run Bronzer swatch

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, Bronzer swatch


UD Naked On The Run Blush swatch

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, Blush swatch


UD Naked On The Run 5050 Highlighter

5050 | An oyster coloured highlighter that leans rather warm, but one that will also suit fairer/cooler complexions with equal ease. This is more of subtle-type of highlighter, making it perfect for those who wish to softly spotlight the high points of the face (upper cheekbones, cupid’s bow, temples), without coming off as overly ‘glowy’.


UD Naked On The Run 5050 Highlighter swatch

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, 5050 swatch


UD Naked On The Run Stag Eyeliner

Stag 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (travel size) | Deepest brown with eggplant/ruby hints in the base that add warmth and extra dimension. As with other 24/7 Glide-On pencils I’ve tried from Urban Decay, the application here is smoothly applying and velvety in feel, and you never need fear it tugging or pulling along the sensitive skin around the eyes. Once applied, you also have the option of blending it out for a smokey look – although once the colour sets, you can forget about trying to move it in any way: it wears like iron, and will stay put until removed (which will require an oil-based remover, at that).


UD Naked On The Run Stag eyeliner swatch

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, Stag swatched

 UD Perversion mascaras

Perversion Mascara (travel size) | Intense black shade – originally reviewed here. The quality of the mascara here is comparable to the full-sized version, with the only difference being the size/girth of the brush head – slightly narrower and shorter in the palette version, but which manages to work in its favour as this mascara is quite rich and the reduction in brush head size provides an easier application with less chance of any accidental smudges … all without sacrificing any of the original’s quality.


UD Perversion mascara brushes new

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, Perversion Mascara brush head comparisons


UD Naked On The Run Sesso Naked Lipgloss

Sesso Naked Lipgloss (full size) | Warm rose hue with ultra-fine pink shimmer, in a non-sticky formula that applies semi-sheer, but still provides enough colour to give a plush & natural overall tint to lips. There is a slight plastic-like scent that I detect upon initial application, but which seems to dissipate upon the wearing – still worth mentioning for anyone with sensitivities. Lasting power is about average 2.5 – 3 hours, leaving a hydrated and nourished feeling behind upon the lips, once the colour has faded. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I also feel a slight cooling sensation upon first applying this gloss (which I experienced more distinctly on my arm swatch, than on the lips).


UD Naked On The Run Sesso Naked Lipgloss swatch

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, Sesso swatched


UD Naked On The Run Sesso Naked Lipgloss swatch 2

Urban Decay | Naked On The Run, Sesso swatched


For me, everything about the Naked On The Run palette is a huge hit and I have found myself reaching for it over and over again since the day it arrived, creating a variety of day (read: easy), as well as more dramatic evening looks. The only downside I can find, is the bulky size of the palette itself, although even that flaw is offset by the quality (which is quite sturdy, in fact) and well crafted details of the packaging (that PATTERN). I just wish that this palette wasn’t limited edition, because when products are this good, they need to be available year round – so much easier than stockpiling palette boxes, no? Urban Decay, I sure hope you’re listening.

Available now through www.urbandecay.com and Sephora.


UD Naked On The Run closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration

10 Responses to Urban Decay | Naked On The Run

  1. Looks like a beautiful palette! Love it

  2. Jane Daly says:

    Ahhhh this is so gorgeous! Would be perfect for my daughter who is always travelling. Everything in one palette, and she adores the Naked shadows! LOVE!

    • Eugenia says:

      All good reasons to pick one of theses babies up for her! May as well get one for yourself too, while you’re at it…these shades are so YOU!

  3. Luchessa says:

    Nice. That palette looks like it could be another hit by UD. Great for traveling or just to have in your purse. I like how the gloss looks on your lips – my kind of color. Will probably try to get it. 🙂 Thanks for the update!

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks & glad you like it! Every time I use this palette, I continue to be amazed by the quality of each product – so worth picking up, that’s for sure!

  4. beautybnk says:

    your photography is so beautiful! i’ve been desperate to get my hands on this gorgeous palette and your photos have just made me swoon! xx

  5. lisa says:

    While I would love to make these small, portable palettes a go to thing in my bag, my issue is not being able to find many that INCLUDE application brushes…any suggestions?

    • Eugenia says:

      Personally, I don’t usually like it when palettes include brushes, as I always prefer using my own. That being said, one option is for you to invest in a few travel-sized & therefore smaller-handled brushes that usually come in their own case as well and which take up a lot less room than full died ones. The only warning I have is that you invest in the best quality you can afford, so as to get the most benefit from both the brushes and whatever makeup you use them on. Tip: keep an eye out for sets that come out during holidays from brands such as CHANEL, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown or MAC

What are your thoughts, beautiful?