Urban Outfitters Nail Lacquer ‘Voodoo’ & ‘Spicy’

UO Spicy & Voodoo (opener)


Even when I’m not actively shopping for cosmetics and/or nail varnish, I seem to be tuned in to that particular beauty frequency just the same. This past weekend while hunting down some Christmas presents at Urban Outfitters, I came upon one of 2 large colourful displays of the store’s in-house range of nail polish. First, I was amazed to see so many stunning shades (several of which look suspiciously like Deborah Lippmann knock-offs) then I glanced at the prices listed and could not believe my eyes: 2 polishes for CAD $8.00. What? Naturally, I scooped up a couple!

All swatches are with base and top coats.

UO Nail polish display & table

Urban Outfitters nail polish display with table

OU Spicy & Voodoo


While there were several lacquers that caught my eye, I wound up with ‘Voodoo’ – primarily for its sexy gunmetal hue, as well as its name, along with ‘Spicy’ – primarily for its insanely sculptural glitter.

If you follow me on twitter and/or Instagram (and you better have a good reason if you’re not!), then you know I listed ‘Spicy’ as a “bugle bead” type of glitter. I was asked by several readers if this wasn’t a curved/warped glitter, but as I had no idea what that was, I said no. Based on what my eyes see when looking at the bottle, the particles look exactly like tiny glass bugle beads, but upon swatching and then enlarging the photos to edit, I realized that my observant readers were not only right, but so much more up on the latest glitter trends than I am: the pieces in ‘Spicy’ are definitely a curved type of glitter. And then some.

OU Voodoo


Voodoo (CAD $6.00 15 ml/0.5 fl.oz) – semi sheer with a medium thick viscosity, this complex colour mix of taupe, gunmetal and pewter with its underlying mauve tones, is filled with pulverized blue, pink, green, and silver ultra-fine pearly shimmer. The formula is a bit tricky to work with; while it applies in a self-levelling way and finishes with a brilliant gleam, you need a steady hand in application and not break the flow of the polish, or you could end up with bald patches. Coats applied: 3 (thin)

UO Voodoo swatch

Urban Outfitters ‘Voodoo’

UO Voodoo swatch 2

Urban Outfitters ‘Voodoo’

UO Spicy


Spicy (CAD $6.00 15 ml/0.5 fl.oz) – a clear base filled with ultra-vivid purple large hexagonal glitter pieces, some that lie flat while others curve for a more sculptural appearance – which made me initially believe that they were bugle beads. Stunning glossy shine, the finish is obviously rather gritty to the touch and benefits from a thicker type of top coat (or minimum 2 layers of your usual top coat). Removal was surprisingly easy, which I totally did not expect. The following is one coat of ‘Spicy’ over ‘Voodoo’.


I found it easiest to add a “blob” of polish onto the nail, then I swooshed it around with the brush for best glitter dispersal & placement. Applying it this way proved quite effortless and you’re guaranteed a healthy amount of glitter with each application.

UO Spicy over Voodoo swatch

Urban Outfitters ‘Spicy’ over ‘Voodoo’

UO Spicy over Voodoo swatch 2

Urban Outfitters ‘Spicy’ over ‘Voodoo’

UO Spicy & Illamasqua Prosperity


I was curious to see if ‘Spicy’s’ glitter would be as glamorous when it was tone on tone – as opposed to applying it over a contrasting hue such as ‘Voodoo’, so I opted to apply one coat over Illamasqua’s ‘Prosperity’ from the Rubber Brights collection (previously reviewed here). The following swatches are with one layer of top coat added.

UO Spicy over Illamasqua Prosperity swatch

Urban Outfitters ‘Spicy’ over Illamasqua ‘Prosperity’

UO Spicy over Illamasqua Prosperity swatch 2

Urban Outfitters ‘Spicy’ over Illamasqua ‘Prosperity’


Final thoughts:  While I tend to stick to brands I’m more familiar with, I’m glad I took a chance on these two; the square glass bottle shape is of a good heft & feel, with a nicely tapered long and flexible brush. There’s a small label on the underside of the bottle that you can peel back for all ingredients, but that’s as much information as you’ll get on this brand – no fancy label. Application was different than what I’m used to as well, but ended up being rather easy after all. At CAD $6.00 per bottle or 2 for $8.00, I find that these polishes are definitely worth the time to give them a shot. It doesn’t hurt that they’re both guaranteed to get your nails stared at!

Available through Urban Outfitters.

OU Spicy & Voodoo (closer)




*Disclaimer: Some products provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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