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From the brand that likes to play with beauty’s boundaries comes Lo-Fi Lip Mousse, eight matte lippie shades that will either bring out your inner child, or release your inner artist. Either way, Urban Decay has got you covered. Literally.



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Lo-Fi Lip Mousse (CAN $26.00/each) | Housed in purple metallic containers with a pop-out sponge applicator on the bottom, these are matte lip colours in a whipped mousse format and a putty-like texture. The pigment-rich formula is buildable and also sets relatively well, lasting through eating & drinking — with the lighter shades naturally having a shorter staying power, with all shades feeling absolutely weightless throughout the wearing. As to application, I found that using a finger yielded the best results; that said, either the included sponge or a synthetic lip brush will make the job easier (and less messy). You can also layer the shades to create unique new colour combinations, and this formulation is perfect for a ‘barely there’ effect, or the even more editorial look of ‘fading’ — where the majority of colour is deposited at the centre of the lips, then faded out towards the edges. All in all, I’d have to say that if you’ve been looking for an easy-to-wear and relatively commitment free matte lip colour, this product certainly fits the bill.

One word of caution about the texture; as it is quite flexible, it will move around and too strong of a press may even crack it somewhat; that said, any cracks are easily ‘erased’ by rubbing your finger across the surface — so it’s all good in the end.




  • Wavelength – medium pink/purple
  • Boom – plum/purple with red micro-shimmer
  • Noise – berry pink
  • Halo – soft baby pink



I’m that girl who loves the idea and look of matte lips, but has had a bit of a difficult relationship with matte products — mainly because of the drying feel they impart and their tendency to emphasize my lip lines. So where do these Lo-Fi Lip Mousse shades fit in that? I’d have to say that they certainly meet my desire for that matte look, but what makes these unique is that this is more “undone” and therefore, more forgiving. My faves: Echo & Fade since they sit right in my neutrals wheelhouse, but Noise, Amplify and Frequency are definitely so much more interesting. Final verdict: these are easy to work with AND fun … just the way Urban Decay designed them to be.

Available at Sephora, Shopper’s Drug Mart and online



Kindly provided by Urban Decay for my unbiased consideration

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