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As passionate as I am about makeup, it’s safe to say that I’m practically a fanatic when it comes to skincare, and even though I get to test out many regimens and brands, I accidentally stumbled on one product that appears to compliment every single range: Minéral 89 from Vichy — a relatively simple pre-serum that’s composed of just 11 ingredients … but packs one helluva punch.

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Minéral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster (CAN $39.95) | True story: In the late Summer of 2017, I had been invited to attend the preview of this product where I not only had the opportunity to see it ahead of its launch, but also received a facial treatment with Minéral 89 as the star attraction. Then I came home and put it away, fully intending to use it soon. It wasn’t until MANY months later that I finally put it use and after seeing & feeling the effects on my skin first-hand, I can literally KICK myself for not having started using it earlier. In fact, I love this pre-serum so much that I’ve gone through several bottles (as seen in the photo below, although one empty is missing as I accidentally threw it in the recycling bin) and have recommended this to everyone within earshot. For real.

I give you Exhibit A: 2 empty bottles (& one full), in case you thought I was kidding

So what is a pre-serum? Well, the name pretty much says it all: after cleansing, it’s the first product you apply. Known for the mineral-rich thermal waters of the springs found in Vichy, France, Minéral 89 has just 11 ingredients (you read that right), with Mineralized Thermal Water and extra-pure natural origin hyaluronic acid as the key players. You see, our skin is not just a canvas for our beauty products, but acts as an interface between the environment and our body as a whole. In other words, skin is our bodies’ first line of defence and it just makes sense to strengthen it, which is the purpose behind the formulation of this product: helping to stimulate the skin’s immune defences and balance its pH levels.

Interestingly enough, while minerals are essential to our health, they are not synthesized by the body and thus have difficulty reaching the skin — which is why it makes sense to apply them topically in some form, in order to reap their benefits. The Vichy Water is sourced from unspoiled land protected from pollution since 1874, having first acquired its minerals via a millennia-long journey through crystalline bedrocks … Mother Nature’s laboratory, if you will. During the manufacturing process, Vichy also employs a double sterilizing filtration system AND has a 4-year traceability period, as well as running a veritable barrage of efficacy and tolerance tests to ensure their products are suitable on all skin types, including sensitive.

So that’s the condensed version of the science behind Minéral 89 — but what I want to talk about is my experience with this product. As seen in the swatch photo, the consistency is similar to that of water, but not as runny. Fragrance free, the texture is non-sticky and disappears completely into the skin once applied. A word on application: I go in with one full pump which I warm up between my fingers, which I then pat onto my cheeks, forehead, and along my neck, before massaging it all lightly into my skin (both morning & night). After that and depending on what I’m currently testing, I follow up with the rest of my products.

As I said at the top, being in this industry means I have the opportunity to try many brands and while some have checked off all my boxes, there have been a few regimens that have fallen short. On those occasions where I feel like a specific range is not quite doing it for my skin, I’m usually able to turn things around by one little tweak: incorporating Minéral 89. Even without the scientific data to back me up, I both see & feel the difference it makes, providing that needed extra shot of hydration to help anything else layered on top work so much better. The fact that this pre-serum seems to work with every other range makes it invaluable (to me) and at such a great price point, it has definitely earned a permanent spot in my skincare lineup. Bottom line: your skin will thank you for adding Minéral 89 to your routine.

Available in drugstores nationwide

Kindly provided by Vichy for my unbiased consideration
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