Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder · Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection


After the incredible success of Victoria Beckham’s first makeup collaboration with Estée Lauder that launched last year,  the formidable Posh Spice heard our pleas and has come out with even more to love. The Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection re-introduces ten hero products (Morning Aura Illuminating Cream, Java Sun Bronzer, and Modern Mercury Highlighter to name but 3 of the most highly in demand items), along with eighteen new products, as well as two limited edition sets. And all just in time for the holiday season, to help you channel your own inner VB ∗runs to the mirror to practice pouting∗.

Previously reviewed Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder products:



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Eye Palette (CAN $98.00) | Let’s address the elephant in the room: this collection is pricey. That said, I’m a firm believer in the “you-get-what-you-paid-for” school of thought and attention to detail is my thing … which brings me to this palette. Starting from the pebbled leather outer case with its hefty brass trim & snug closure, there’s a true vintage glam vibe going on here. The four shades all work harmoniously together and can be used to create a multitude of looks from day, all the way to evening. The textures were a surprise; both Blanc & Bordeaux applied much more pigment-rich than I expected, while Gris & Noir turned out to be softer — something I prefer, in fact, as I can thus dial up the intensity to my preferred level. Another bonus is how effortlessly they blend while minimal kickback is seen upon swirling a brush through them. Staying power (over primer) is excellent, as the colours stay true without fading.

  • Blanc – metallic white
  • Gris – dove grey, matte
  • Bordeaux – shimmering wine
  • Noir – ebony, satin


Eye Matte 02 Bleu Électrique/Nude (CAN $78.00) | Brand new this season, I dare you to try and look away from the electric blue shade in this duo. Go ahead … I’ll wait. Yes, both hues are lovely but I bet you’re wondering how a colour this intense can look anything but editorial? Turns out that it’s surprisingly wearable AND complimentary. With a buttery soft texture, Bleu Électrique can be worn at the outer eye for definition, along the crease and blended with the Nude shade for depth, or along both lash lines as liner (with the extra perk of making the whites of your eyes look even whiter this way). Nude is an excellent option as a transition and/or crease shade and both hues can also be applied with a dampened brush, although I recommend you stick to one corner of the pan for this.

  • Bleu Électrique – intense cobalt, matte
  • Nude – tan, matte


Eye Kajal 02 Saphir/Vanille (CAN $49.00) | A dual ended eye pencil in a formula that is incredibly pigmented that calling it creamy is almost an understatement, the application of both shades borders on buttery, providing a beautiful glide along the skin (and thereby avoiding any tugging in that area). When worn along the waterine,Vanille serves to brighten eyes without looking harsh, while Saphir is a wonderful alternative to black eyeliner, yet still provides a lush depth of colour. Both can be blended/smudged out, but I suggest working one eye at a time so that the colour doesn’t set before you have time to finish. Staying power is good, but not as long-lasting as a waterproof versions due to their softer nature.

  • Vanille – nude peach
  • Saphir – midnight blue

Bronzer 01 Java Sun (CAN $85.00) | After playing with this bronzer, I can totally understand why it quickly reached cult-status when it launched last year. Housed in the same luxurious packaging as the eyeshadow palette, the colour is unique in that it may appear more warm-leaning in the pan, but can also be made to work on those with cooler complexions. The texture is so finely milled that it blends beautifully along the skin without seeming to just sit at surface level, and will not oxidize throughout the wearing. TIP: can also be applied as an eyeshadow crease shade, a trick which helps tie in your bronzer look.


Aura Gloss 01 Honey (CAN $58.00) | A clear gloss with gold pearl shimmer, this is meant to add focus to high points of the face and can be applied solo over the Morning Aura Primer (for those blessed with nearly perfect skin, that is) or on top of foundation. As this product does not dry down, I suggest using fingers for application and work using the dab method, or risk moving your makeup around. What appears to be obvious shimmery bits in the jar, are actually quite refined upon the skin and serve to add a lovely glow. Caution: not designed for use on eyes.


I’m such a sucker for beautiful detailing and when that’s accompanied by products that deliver, then I consider it a win. From the pieces shown here, the ones I find myself reaching for the most are Java Sun and Saphir/Vanille, although the unique combo of Bleu Électrique/Nude has my neutral-loving self wanting to inject some more colour into my looks. Bottom line: if you want to spoil yourself (or the beauty fiend in your life) with some incredibly luxurious products, then look no further — and don’t look at the total either, while you’re at it. Enjoy!

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Media samples kindly provided, all opinions my own





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