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It’s common knowledge that a tan can give you a look of vibrant health, but if you’re careless about your sun-worshipping ways, there is a price to pay. Thankfully, self-tanners have come a long way from the days of a rather radioactive orange hue with all its attending noxious fumes, and Vitantanz takes this concept a step further by introducing a more natural alternative to gild one’s skin, with their Organic Spray On Tan.

Back in my youth, we ignorantly approached the sun slathered in baby oil (yes, baby oil) and in order to speed up the tanning burning process, we even held mirrored reflectors under our chin. Sounds stupid? Well it was and is, but SPF was relatively unheard of and I blithely followed this practice until one day many years later, I saw exactly the damage that had been done: nasty, hideous, hyper-pigmentation blotches that appear on my face whenever the sun now hits me. In preparation for my holiday this year, I was concerned that while my body would receive some colour (with the help of an SPF 30 sunscreen), my face would stay rather unnaturally pale; I solved this dilemma by bringing my Vitatanz kit along!

Let me also clarify that I’ve always been a little skeptical of the claims self-tanners make, so to say I was uneasy about experimenting with this product, would be an understatement. I needn’t have worried. AT ALL.

HOLY BRONZED GODDESS, Batman!  You definitely NEED to read on, my beauties.



Vitatanz Organic Spray On Tan Home & Travel Kit (CAD $35.00) This set includes the gloves, a 2 0z bottle of the tanning solution, as well as a puff and excepting for the gloves, you can also purchase the 2 oz bottle (CAD $25.00) and the puff (CAD 2 for $6.00) separately. The tinted formula on this self-tanner makes it easy to see exactly where you’re applying it, with the dispenser spraying out small concentrated amounts at a time – no fear of a too-wide dispersal that would result in a mess. I couldn’t detect any discernible scent, either smelling it directly or once applied – another huge bonus. The puff is velvety soft and has a wide ribbon strap on the back for a comfortable grip in your hand, ensuring you won’t drop it during the application process. The kit also includes detailed instructions, which are very user-friendly and incredibly easy to follow.

My experience: Even though I’ve shunned these products in the past, there have been many articles devoted to self-tanners that I’ve read over the years, and quite a bit of that information came in handy, mainly that it’s always best to apply such a product on cleansed skin that has been exfoliated beforehand. Adding a light touch of moisturizer to knees and elbows, will also help prevent too much of the product accumulating in those areas, and thus make the final glow that much more realistic. The bottle itself is deceptive; small in size, I was surprised by how little was actually used during application to my entire body. You can also refresh your spray on tan every 7-10 days, if desired, by repeating the process.

Starting from the bottom, I began by directly spraying my ankles/feet, then worked my way up (one leg at a time), then it was my torso’s turn (where I also enlisted my husband’s help for my back), followed by my arms/shoulders. For the face, it is recommended to spray the product onto the puff, which I did, and using light circular strokes – for my cheeks and forehead, I started at the center then fanned out towards my ears/temples – leaving my nose and chin for last.

Within seconds of application, you immediately notice the colour change along the skin and YE GADS! It looked like the perfect summer bronze!

As the instructions note, the colour may continue to develop for another 24 hours and while I did notice a bit more deepening in tone, it was enough to look like I had spent the day frolicking along the beaches of Greece (which are totally AMAZING, by the way), without any whisper of orange to be found. Even following my daily routine of showering and mild exfoliation to my face, the “tan” lingered for a good week, until it gradually faded away. I was also stunned by how quickly the colour set; not an hour later when I washed my hands, I was pleased to note NO stains left behind upon my white hand towel. As they say, colour me IMPRESSED!

Lastly, the formula itself has many anti-oxidant properties included, which ensures that while your skin sports a gorgeous Summer glow, it does so by being nourished at the same time. Can I repeat how amazed I am by this product?

*Not suitable for anyone with paraben sensitivities/allergies.


Vitatanz bottle

Vitatanz – Organic Spray On Tan

Vitatanz puff

Vitatanz – Organic Spray On Tan, custom applicator puff

Vitatanz ingredients

Vitatanz – Organic Spray On Tan, ingredients

Vitatanz directions

Vitatanz – Organic Spray On Tan, directions

Vitatanz swatch

Vitatanz – Organic Spray On Tan, swatched

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Last word: I am so incredibly happy to have tried this Vitatanz Organic Spray On Tan, that I can’t extoll its virtues enough. Without major dermatological treatments to permanently remove my hyper-pigmentation issue (which I will have to undergo at some point anyway), this tiny bottle has effectively given me the freedom to look tanned – evenly & safely. With its ease of application and unscented formula, I can tell you that I am most definitely a devotee for life!

Feel free to learn more about Vitatanz via their website, twitter and facebook.


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*Disclosure: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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