YSL · The Slim Sheer Matte & All Hours Setting Powder


Say what you will, YSL sure knows how to make a visual statement and the new Slim Sheer Matte lipsticks are a perfect example of that. With their elongated tubes and diamond-shaped bullets, I don’t know whether to wear or display them — guess I’ll just have to do both. And can we talk about the elegant lines of that powder compact? Totally display-worthy as well.



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Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Sheer Matte (CAN $50.00/each) | As their name implies, these lipsticks come housed in long narrow 2-tone cases (brushed silver/matte black) with the iconic Casandre logo embossed in gold. The unique diamond-shaped bullet is definitely eye-catching, but I confess to wondering how user-friendly it would turn out to be. The formula is infused with an innovate “blurring” technology that helps to soften the look on lips, while the texture is ultra smooth & creamy, coming to a velvety finish with a light sheen. Don’t let the strong colour seen in the tube throw you off; as seen in the swatches below, all apply somewhat sheerly, but still manage to provide a good amount of colour. Staying power will be shade-dependent with the deeper hues lasting longer, but all have a super comfortable feel throughout wear. Available in 12 shades. 


All Hours Setting Powder Universal (CAN $60.00 ) | With its elegantly sharp architectural lines, the 2-tone matte black & gold compact case takes setting powder to a whole new level. The surface of the powder is embossed with the Casandre logo and it also comes with an applicator sponge hidden in a separate compartment underneath. The white colour may appear somewhat “scary”, but in fact it applies translucently; that said, I feel that while the name says “universal”, this might probably be better suited towards fair to medium complexions. Stated to provide 24-hour coverage, this powder is also meant to help absorb excess oils on the skin to help leave behind a soft blurring and mattifying finish. The lightweight and invisible nature of this powder makes it not only comfortable to wear, but does an excellent job of keeping excess oils at bay for 9+ hours; I can’t vouch for the 24-hour part because I don’t ever intend to wear makeup that long.


As beautiful as a product might be, it’s always performance that wins me over. That said, these lipsticks definitely score well in how comfortable they apply and feel, but given their emollient nature, note that the sharp lines of the bullet will become rounded very quickly. I don’t mind because my brain prefers to see a more conventional lipstick shape *shrugs*. As to the powder, I’m a sucker for beauty products that evoke old Hollywood glam — good thing this one delivers on its claims as well.

Available at Sephora, online & select retailers



Kindly provided by YSL for my unbiased consideration

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