YSL · Vernis à Lèvres Water Stain

Ysl Beauty recently launched the Vernis à Lèvres Water Stain in 18 delicious shades that are meant to be lightweight yet long wearing, and I have 6 to show you today. Apart from how lovely they are to look at (as well as wear, but more on that later), I also really adore the stripe on the bottle — a definite nod to Yves’ iconic tuxedo, wouldn’t you agree?

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Vernis à Lèvres Water Stain (CAN $49.00/each) | Housed in transparent acrylic casings that display the colour & usage of each shade, each comes with a new “wave-inspired” flocked applicator that has been designed to easily pick and distribute the product along the lips. The formula consists of 40% water — hence the name — and has a slight cooling sensations upon initial application, but one which quickly dissipates. As well, they have a very faint rose fragrance, but that too fades quickly and is completely inoffensive, good to note for those with sensitivities. The texture is definitely watery but with still enough body to it that it lays down effortlessly, feeling very lightweight indeed (as in: you really don’t feel it at all), and with good wear time. That said, I find that none of the shades dried down completely, which suits me just fine as this type of formula is significantly more hydrating than anything matte, and all impart a nice shine that fades to a light stain along the lips.

  • 602 Vague de Rouge – soft rose red
  • 605 Bain de Corail – light apricot
  • 609 Submerged Coral – deep coral
  • 612 Rouge Déluge – warm red
  • 615 Ruby Wave – raspberry
  • 618 Wet Vermillion – orange red

I’m definitely more of a gloss girl because I love how easy they are to use, but the downside to glosses is that they really don’t last all that long. What makes these Water Stains worth looking into, is that they’re like a unique hybrid, bridging the gap between gloss and longer-wearing mattes — and thus opening the door for a whole new category. That they feel amazing and look fabulous when casually whipping one out to apply in public, is just a perk in my opinion.

Available at yslbeauty.ca, Sephora, Holt Renfrew & Hudson’s Bay

Kindly provided by YSL for my unbiased consideration

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