Aerin · Rose de Grasse Rouge Eau de Parfum


The newest addition to the Aerin fragrance family is a veritable homage to one of the most classic flowers there is and in that respect, Rose de Grasse Rouge is as lovely to look at, as it is to wear. I’ve always loved the idea of a true rose fragrance, but have yet to come across one I actually wanted to apply … until now.



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Rose de Grasse Rouge Eau de Parfum (CAN $275.00/50 ml, 1.7 fl oz) | House in an opaque red glass bottle with the brand’s signature pebble-shaped cap done in gold, it also comes with an elegant red velvet bow tied around the neck. Created by perfumer Honorine Blanc, the notes include:

  • Top: Rose Water, Violet Leaf
  • Heart: Red Rose, Damask Rose
  • Base: Honeycomb, Musk

There is something both nostalgic and fresh with this fragrance; rose is a time honoured ingredient used for centuries in perfumery, and you’d think that trying to reinvent that classic would be counter-intuitive. But yet, here we are: a rose scent that’s neither cloyingly sweet nor old-fashioned, but reinterpreted for today’s tastes and made modern via touches of creamy honey and earthy musk. The opening spritz is a soft almost soapy rose, but I also pick up the faintest hint of green. A short while later, the fragrance rounds out and the roses take centre stage — not in an overpowering way, but subtly; it’s like coming across fully opened roses in a secret garden. As Rouge begins to dry down, the creaminess of the honey emerges, still intertwined with the roses, but adding a whisper of gourmand to ground all the notes which came before.


There’s a story on the background of the above picture: created by renowned floral designer Willow Crossley and photographed by Genevieve Stevenson, the composition is a lush floral interpretation of Rouge — and apart from the fact that it makes for the perfect backdrop to shoot the fragrance, I’m also fully intending to frame this gorgeous image.


Fragrance is highly subjective which makes it tricky to review, as everyone has their own personal note preferences. I myself have always leaned towards boozy/amber and vanilla-based scents, but the last few years I’ve been experimenting with florals … carefully, however, as the wrong set of notes can trigger an instant migraine with me. What I absolutely love about Rouge, is that not only is it a rose fragrance I can wear with ease, but it’s a sexy rose fragrance and as far from old-fashioned as you can get.

Available at select stores and online



Kindly provided by Aerin for my unbiased consideration

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