Beautiful! OPI Neo Pearl Collection


A while back, OPI released the Neo-Pearl Collection which consists of 12 pearlescent shades, but in a first for the brand: 6 are in the regular formula and 6 in the Infinite Shine formula, with none of the colours duplicated. I’m a little behind in posting this, but with the incredibly warm & sunny weather we’ve been having here in Montréal, these summery hues seem to fit in so perfectly right now!



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As stated above, the collection is made up of twelve shades, but as 6 are in the regular format (CAN $13.95/each) with the other 6 being Infinite Shine (CAN $16.95/each), you can almost consider these as 2 separate capsule collections — although it should be noted that while at last count they’re showing as available in stores and online, this is a limited edition collection. The formula is very easy to work with, flowing easily along the nail without pooling at the cuticles, self-levelling, and coming to a brilliant natural finish. The Infinite Shine shades (those with the silver cap) all have a complex refined shimmer and while there is a special top coat designed to be used with them, I’ve had success without as well. The 6 regular shades (black caps) also come in an easy to work with formula, but you’ll need a steadier hand in application to keep the look seamless, as they have a touch more “frostiness” to them. Both come with OPI’s wide brush that splays beautifully along the nail.

For the sake of keeping things unified, all swatches are with 2 coats of polish, no base or top coats.

  • You’re Full of Abalone – soft ivory with a pale pink shift
  • I’m a Natural – baby pink/peach with a lavender shift
  • Two Baroque Pearls – icy pearlescent baby blue
  • Glisten Carefully – sweet lilac with a soft pink shift

For the last 2 shades of Infinite Shine group, I opted to show them in both natural sun (top photos) and in shade (bottom two photos), to show how different they can appear in varied lighting.

  • Olive for Pearls! – chameleon-like shimmery olive with a bronze shift
  • Love or Lust-er? – smooth purple with a pearly pink/lavender shift


  • Did You See Those Mussels? – iridescent pale blue
  • Shellabrate Good Times! – shimmering icy white
  • Shellmates Forever! – glowing subtle lilac
  • Pretty in Pearl – softest peach/nude shimmer
  • Just a Hint of Pearl-ple – shimmering vintage-y violet
  • Two Pearls in a Pod – pearly gunmetal green


You guys know how much I love my luxury nail polish brands (CHANEL, Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain & YSL) but I’ve been a longtime fan of OPI as well, going back to the days of their original formula. And cheesy names aside (although some are absolutely priceless!) which, by the way, I actually asked Suzi Weiss-Fischmann about when I had the opportunity to meet her, to which she replied that there’s a whole lot of laughter in the room as they come up with them — this is a lovely and absolutely ethereal collection. In case you’re wondering, my faves are mainly from the Infinite Shine grouping because I really adore the formula and the complexity of their shimmers. But fair warning: while this collection is still available, it won’t be for much longer.


Available at salons and online



Kindly provided by OPI for my unbiased consideration

What are your thoughts, beautiful?

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