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When Lady Diana Spencer wed Prince Charles, I was up at 4 am to watch the televised ceremony; when Kate Middleton wed Prince William, I did the same … and I did not break tradition today either when I got up at 3:55 am to watch Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry. Yes, I’m a total royalist at heart, and what could be more fitting to commemorate this historic event, than with Butter London’s Glazen™ products? The homage to Great Britain in the name coupled with the brand’s roots that are based in the US — you could say that it was meant to be.



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Glazen™ Blush Gelée (CAN $34.00/each) | Housed in square acrylic jars, these are long-wearing blushes that come in a unique new texture that’s a cross between jelly & pudding … and totally killing it in the shine & colour saturation departments. Seriously, the tiniest amount will go a very long way and using fingers makes for the easiest application, although I suggest starting with the scantest bit and building up if need be. The ‘pearl suspension’ in the formula provides the most amazing radiance, and once applied & blended out, it comes to a velvety powder finish and not something that stays wet. Another tip is to work one area at a time, as once these set, they are pretty much budge & sweat-proof — making them the perfect blushes for warm weather, not to mention how beautifully they will offset a bit of a tan as well.

  • Sparkle – shimmery nude
  • Glimmer – glowing rose
  • Flicker – coppery peach
  • Dazzle – radiant mauve


Glazen™ Face Glow Crystal (CAN $36.00) | Housed in a clear acrylic square jar, the cap has a holographic image that hints at what’s inside; a creamy multi-purpose highlighter with a prismatic pearly/pink shift and a texture that can best be described as pudding-like. Cool to the touch, the product is well pigmented so a little really does go far, although once you begin bending it out along the skin, the resulting effect is actually more on the subtle side — and not scary-blingy in the slightest. It even includes Rhubarb Root Extract in the formula for extra skincare benefist, helping to brighten and even out skin tone over time (that said, I don’t plan on wearing this highlighter to replace my current skincare, but it’s a nice bonus just the same). Other ways to wear this, is along the eyes & patted over other shadows, or along the collar and/or shin bones too — perfect for warmer weather where you’ll be wanting a bit of gleam in those areas. As to staying power, once it dries down (which is fairly quickly), it stays put for the duration, at which point you can even layer it up for more impact, if desired (or if you’re brave enough).


I’m all about easy-peasy makeup when summer rolls around, and I love how neither of these products requires any specific set of tools coupled with how beautifully they last once applied. Of course, I’m also obsessed with anything glowy and everything here fits the bill so perfectly. By the way, not that she needs it, but how amazing would the Glazen™ Face Glow Crystal highlighter look gracing Meghan Markle’s beautiful skin tone? Cheers to the happy couple! ?? ❤ ??

Available online and at Ulta


Kindly provided by Butter London for my unbiased consideration

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