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CHANEL · Le Vernis Summer 2022 & New Nail Care


As a longtime CHANEL nail polish collector (and I mean LONG), I was super excited to hear of this latest launch. What I hadn’t known at the time, was that two new nail care products were also being launched, so naturally I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Spoiler alert: everything is just perfection.



CHANEL · Collection Libre 2018 Maximalisme de CHANEL

“I used my penchant for all that shines to try and reconcile elegance and fashion”

Gabrielle Chanel

For this year’s Collection Libre, Lucia Pica drew inspiration from one of Mlle Chanel’s beloved talismans, the lion — a symbol which represents strength, courage, and even, dare I say, flamboyance (that mane, am I right?). Spotlighting the way interesting new colours can be seen when light & shadow reflects off mettalics, this collection is both bold and elegant … and absolute perfection for the holidays. Be warned, however: everything is limited edition.



CHANEL Neapolis: New City Spring/Summer 2018 – Le Vernis


My first post of 2018 also happens to be my final review of CHANEL’s Neapolis: New City Collection: these four incredibly Summery-looking Le Vernis shades (CAN $32.00/each). Inspired by the colour saturated landscape of Naples, all four are a traditional take on the season — and then some.



Burberry Beauty|Cadet Green, Khaki Green & Poppy Black

Burberry Fall polishes opener

Something about Burberry Beauty just speaks to me on so many levels; from the crisp & clean packaging to the actual products themselves, this range continues to impress me with their attention to detail and quality. Released as part of the Fall 2015 Beauty collection, these military hues were inspired by the Burberry Camouflage bucket Bag a signature piece from the Autumn/Winter 2015 runway show (and which I’m totally coveting), but are colours that also happen to be so totally on point for Spring 2016.


Camouflage Bucket Bag – Burberry Autumn/Winter 2015

Details: housed in a rectangular bottle with a removal outer gunmetal cap etched with the iconic Burberry plaid design, the brush is on the dense side but splays extremely well and is suitable even for those with narrower nail beds.

Burberry Fall polishes open

Burberry Beauty | Cadet Green, Khaki Green & Poppy Black


Burberry Fall polishes

Burberry Beauty | Cadet Green, Khaki Green & Poppy Black


Burberry Cadet Green swatch

N° 206 Cadet Green, Limited Edition (CAN $23.00) | A cool leaning (blue based) green hue in a medium-thin almost hybrid-like (crème/jelly) formula that can be runny if your brush is loaded up too much (which could then result in potential flooding of cuticles). Barring that, this shade has amazing pigmentation and flow, falling in a self-levelling way and leaving behind an insanely glossy finish. Bonus: non-staining upon removal.

Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Burberry Khaki Green swatch

N°205 Khaki Green, Limited Edition (CAN $23.00) | A true military green hue in a similar formula to Cadet Green, but slightly more sheer at the first coat. Warmer-leaning (due to a yellower base), the depth of tone builds up beautiful and offers complete opacity by the second layer, along with a self-levelling application and brilliant high-shine finish.

Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

The first thing that both Cadet Green and Khaki Green made me think of, were Les Khakis de CHANEL (released in 2010, now discontinued) the military-hued trio created for Fashion Night and which sold out at the speed of light. Naturally, I had to pull mine out of the vault to compare, and as the swatches below show, they’re really nothing alike:

Burberry Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Vert swatches

Burberry Beauty | N°205 Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Vert swatches

Burberry Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Brun swatches

Burberry Beauty | N°205 Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Brun swatches


Burberry Poppy Black swatch

N299 Poppy Black (CAN $23.00) | A deep ebony black hue with a formula that borders on perfection at every level: density, flow, opacity and brilliance. Everyone needs a good black in their nail polish wardrobe (instantly adds an edgy chicness to nails while frequently being the basis for many nail art designs) and Poppy Black is giving Camelot from a-england, my long-standing fave black, some serious competition. Bonus: non-staining upon removal.

Coats applied: 2, plus top coat (although the finish is beyond glossy on its own)


Interestingly, this trio happens to be my first Burberry polishes, but something tells me that they won’t be my last. These colours are both modern and classic, and while Cadet Green and Khaki Green were both limited edition shades, a quick search shows that they’re still available (I’ve included a few links below). Poppy Black is a permanent hue – a good thing, as this is one totally amazing black and well worth adding to your beauty arsenal.

Burberry Beauty products are available through The Bay &, Sephora &, Nordstrom and locations across Canada. Find more information via

Burberry Fall polishes closer




Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration

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Essie | Winter 2014 Collection

Essie Winter 2014 opener


At first glance, the colour selection of Essie’s Winter 2014 Collection might seem counterintuitive, but if we separate ‘Winter’ from ‘Holiday’, it starts to make sense. There’s white to represent snow and silver for all things tinsel – even a berry red that’s just so seasonally appropriate, but the other three? Well, let’s just say that when Winter has us in a major chokehold, those 3 warm-leaning hues will act as a getaway, as far as my nails are concerned.


Essie Winter 2014

Essie | Winter 2014 Collection


Essie Winter 2014 macro

Essie | Winter 2014 Collection


Essie Tuck It In My Tux swatch

Tuck It In My Tux | A semi-sheer ivory hue in a hybrid crème/jelly formula that applies relatively easy and leaves a glossy finish behind. Two coats provides a translucent effect, but you do need to load up your brush to ensure it falls patch-free. Beautiful on its own, Tuck It In My Tux will also work well as a sandwich shade (i.e.: added as a last layer over a glitter polish for a frosted-glass effect). Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat


Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo swatch

Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo | A brilliant pewter foil/metallic hue with ultra fine bronze flecks that give off a slightly oxidized tone. Highly pigmented, this is basically a 1-coater, with the added advantage of applying in a self-levelling way as well as brush stroke-free. Bear in mind that Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo (get it? Jiggle Lo-gigolo. Right) dries fairly quickly, so I recommend you work fast and and with as steady a hand as you can. Coats applied: 2, no top coat


Essie Back In The Limo swatch

Back In The Limo | A semi-sheer blush/apricot hue in a hybrid crème/jelly formula. Application is self-levelling and comes to an über-glossy finish, to compliment its plush cushiony tone (looks so squishy/juicy). Two thick-ish coats gives decent coverage, although still somewhat translucent. Even the addition of a 3rd coat doesn’t turn Back In The Limo fully opaque, but provides pretty solid coverage. Coats applied: 3 (thin), plus top coat


Essie Bump Up The Pumps swatch

Bump Up The Pumps | A highly colour saturated & ridiculously pigmented pink-based coral crème hue. Self-levelling and glossy at the finish, Bump Up The Pumps is definitely a 1-coat wonder, although I would advise you to not skip applying base coat first, to eliminate any possible staining issues. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Essie Double Breasted Jacket swatch

Double Breasted Jacket | Another exceptionally colour saturated shade, this is an intense fuchsia hue in a crème format, with blue undertones in the base for a cooler-leaning touch. The formula on Double Breasted Jacket falls a little thick but does not interfere with its application, and as with the previous shade, I advise not skipping base coat here either, to ensure your nails stay stain-free. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit swatch

Jump In My Jumpsuit | A rich berry red crème hue with blue undertones in the base, in a superbly flowing and easy to apply formula. Super pigmented and highly colour saturated, Jump In My Jumpsuit applies in a self-levelling way and leaves a brilliant finish behind. Note: Do not avoid base coat first, to avoid any potential staining. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Essie Winter 2014 Collection nail wheel

The above nail wheel has the shades of Essie’s Winter 2014 Collection broken down with comparisons:

  1. Tuck It In My Tux
  2. Minimalistic – extremely close both in colour and in texture, a couple of degrees dustier-looking
  3. Blanc – opaque, crème format, whitest
  4. Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo
  5. Hors D’Oeuvres – similar underlying base, glitter larger and more olive-hued
  6. Back In The Limo
  7. Resort Fling – similar texture, several degrees deeper & peachier
  8. Tart Deco – opaque, crème format, darkest in the range
  9. Bump Up The Pumps
  10. Cute As A Button – sheerest, jelly hybrid formula, more pink based
  11. Sunday Funday – base hue is similar, sheerer, holds a fine silver shimmer
  12. Double Breasted Jacket
  13. Watermelon – almost identical, a degree or two lighter, a touch less blue based
  14. Style Hunter – slightly more sheer, similar blue base tone
  15. Wife Goes On – sheerer, dustier tone, less blue based
  16. Jump In My Jumpsuit
  17. Head Mistress – a few degrees brighter
  18. Size Matters – deepest and more red-leaning


Surprising, is the best way to describe this collection. Far from the traditional hues associated with Winter, Essie’s take on the season is one that’s full of vigorous colour – a festive collection, in fact, with nary a brooding shade in sight. I adore Tuck It In My Tux – despite its slightly finicky nature, and I’m weirdly drawn to the almost searing tone of Double Breasted Jacket. Metallic nails are so on point this year, and Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo bears a fab application to go with the provocative name. Back In The Limo scores major points for being unique, especially in my collection of polishes – something that doesn’t happen often. As I said at the start: surprising … just like all proper gifts should be.


Essie Winter 2014 closer




Kindly provided by Essie for my unbiased consideration